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Women in iGaming: 2018 statistics

women igaming statistics
women igaming statistics

We get used to think that iGaming industry is a man`s world that is off-limits to women. However, according to statistics, there is a big number of female gamblers and their behavior has a lot of specific features. What games do women prefer and how do they conduct themselves while playing? See the answers to all these questions below.

This article is based on the Annual Report of Gambling Commission that analyses gambling behavior in Great Britain in 2018 and statistics that Gamingtec receives from partners to whom the company provides full turnkey solutions.

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Female Gamblers

Gambling Commission reports that the National Lottery is the most popular gambling activity among the British. 33% of all respondents participating in lotteries are females. For comparison, males rate is 27%. Talking about the reasons why people like gambling, it should be noted, however, that a higher proportion of women gamble to win, and a higher proportion of men play to have fun and enjoy.

Gamingtec statistics prove it. On average, a man makes 6 deposits in an online casino, a woman makes 11. It may be concluded therefore that women are more involved in the process of playing and they are more intent on winning. At the same time, it looks like women can control themselves better than men: according to the Gambling Commission’s official health survey rates, 1.2% male players are classified as problem gamblers, and only 0.2% of women have the same risks.

Gamingtec statistics indicate that women are involved in playing Live games (Live Bet, Live Roulette, Live BlackJack) and games with mystery movie or cartoon stylization (Kingdom of the Sun Golden Age, The Wild Chase, Wins of Fortune). These games, integrated to the platforms of Gamingtec`s partners, are the most demanded among female players.

Female iGaming Employees

Regarding the number of employees in the igaming industry, it should be mentioned that there is a discrimination, too: 14% of women and 86% of men (according to Casino.co.uk statistics). “In our company, we strive to diversity and equal opportunities for everyone regardless of gender or age. We have raised the number of female technical staff from 10 to 36% during the last two years and continue to hire them, – said Sapar Karyagdyyev, CEO of Gamingtec. – We are planning to run an educational STEM project for girls further as well to involve more women in the IT industry, in general, and in igaming, particularly.”

“Igaming industry is growing rapidly, more and more women enter it. I am particularly pleased to meet female speakers at conferences and exhibitions. Gamingtec is sponsoring Casino Beats Summit and Betting on Sports in September, and, according to the announcement, 10% of all speakers are female. This is a good percentage that demonstrates an increasing number of women in the top management of IT companies. I hope, it will rise from year to year further,” – added Sapar Karyagdyyev.


The information used in this infographics has been provided by Gambling Commission, Casino.co.uk, and Gamingtec partners.


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