Posted December 5, 2012 by GamblingKing in Online Bingo

Win at Jackpotjoy online bingo!

Having fun online has never been easier thanks to Jackpotjoy. The latest winner on its ever-popular Bingo 75 Round the Clock, Miss Sheena W, has walked away with £4,981. She couldn’t believe her luck and has nothing but kind words for Jackpotjoy. “I just want to say a big, big thank you to Jackpotjoy. This is amazing!”

Sheena is one of several recent winners WHO have struck it lucky with the 75-ball variant of online bingo. This game, originally hailing from the U.S., is simple, fun and just as enjoyable as the 90-ball game. There are a few differences in game play, of course.

The first is the card itself. Rather than playing with a 3×9 card, 75-ball bingo uses a 5×5 card. Second, there are only 75 balls rather than 90 and this means the numbers run from one to 75 rather than 90. There are 24 numbers on each card, not 15 too. But the biggest difference is actually in the game play. Instead of aiming to complete each line and eventually all the numbers on the card, players need to build patterns with their marked-off numbers.


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