Posted June 8, 2010 by GamblingKing in Slots

UK Fruit Machine Online Popularity Surges

It’s understandable that the amazing improvement and depth of online fruit (or slot) machine offerings online that the land-based equivalents were going to suffer.

However, no-one predicted that the sheer popularity of the best online slots – such as Rainbow Riches and other Online UK Fruit Machines- would be so pronounced, as the last couple of years has proved.

Consultant James Purcell, a leading analyst in the leisure industry, commented: “It is simply down to online casinos offering exactly the same slots as their amusement arcade equivalents, down the same attention to detail: the graphics, game play, everything.”

“Add to this the safety and comfort of home, compared to the seedy image of arcades – which still prevails – then it’s really plain to see the online appeal.”

But what about pubs; the the industry is struggling to halt the 3-4% year-on-year reduction in returns? This was for different reasons, cited James.

“Deal of No Deal has undoubtedly stepped in to halt the tide. But, sadly, this is proving a false dawn. Professional gamblers can easier empty these machines with their inside knowledge, which puts regular players off. Their technique is simple and quite cunning. They leave around £15 in the machine – to avoid emptying it and drawing attention to the fact it’s empty – ready to ‘rinse’ the next time.”

“So, ironically, it’s the professionals that win, and not the pubs or the casual player. However, they’re doing nothing illegal; so they get my grudging respect!”

“The best place to play a UK Fruit Machine is online – it’s totally random, regulated, and therefore totally fair.”


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