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Top Tips to Become a Better Poker Player

texas holdem poker tips
texas holdem poker tips

If you’re new to the game of poker or have hit a rut and can’t seem to win then there are some solid tips and strategies you can take on board. Below is a look at five valuable tips which should dramatically improve your game. This guide is offering more than how to play poker for beginners and in fact gives tips for improving your game which could be valuable whether it’s your first poker game or your five-hundredth.

Tip 1: Stay Tight

The best poker advice which should be adhered to above all suggestions it to make sure you keep it tight. Beginners often make the mistake of playing too many weak hands and continuing to play past the point they should fold. Chasing an obscure, unlikely win is very rarely going to pay off and in the long run you’ll end up significantly out of pocket.
If making money is part of your overall strategy then you should stick to low limit tables and stay tight for as long as physically possible.

Tip 2: Play Aggressively

Many experts will tell you that aggressive play is completely at odds with staying tight but this simply isn’t the case. Staying tight means you’re limiting your pre-flop range whilst being aggressive means when you pick up a premium hand you want to play it hard and bet hard. Professionals suggest you should play up to 20% of your starting hands and therefore when you do choose to play you need to ensure you make good money to compensate for the limited number of hands played. Playing aggressive ensures that you’re providing protection for strong hands and helps to build big pots.

Tip 3: Never Bluff

New players should never consider working bluffs into their game. This is something that should be left for people who have the experience to manage it. Bluffing is an exciting and entertaining part of the game but it takes experience and in some instances the pot simply won’t be ‘bluffable’ but if you’re not an expert bluffer, you may not know this and be caught out. Bad bluffs are the main reason amateur players end up losing out.

Tip 4: Pay Attention

It may sound like common sense but there is a lot to be learned from the players around you. Watch the other players at your table closely when you’re not in the hand. You can slowly begin to read your opponent’s and gauge their playing style. This could be really valuable at a later stage when you’re in the hand and there’s a big pot up for grabs.

Tip 5: Record It

One way of identifying leaks in your game, especially if you play online, is to keep organised notes on your gaming sessions. If you’re online you can setup a spreadsheet which tracks your profits and losses and you can also make comments on how games have panned out and any changes you think you should make. You’ll soon see patterns and develop a better understanding of your overall game.
These tips will help you hone your skills and make you a better poker player. They can be adopted by all players if not already in practice and you should see real improvement in your game.


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