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Top Facts and Tips for Online Bingo

online bingo facts tips
online bingo facts tips

Online bingo has grown in popularity in recent years with more people than ever logging on to the various sites and playing their favourite bingo games. Part of this is down to people having a bit of extra time and money allowing them to play such games, others are inspired to get involved by their friends suggesting it to them and there are other players who get involved because they’ve seen it advertised on the television or Internet and they think they’ll give it a try.

There is also the fact that the Internet has become more widely available and the percentage of homes with access to the Internet is at its highest with people finding it easier to navigate their way around the web (and computers in general) with computer literacy improving at an astounding rate.

All of this is good for the online bingo industry as it means that the likes of twobigladies.co.uk and seabingo.com can not only exist but flourish in terms of the advice they can give to prospective and current gamers, helping them to find the sites that they’re likely to enjoy visiting time and again. While these bingo sites can provide useful facts and tips about each individual website, telling you about the various offers they all have, how much it costs you to play and the best or most popular games, it’s easy to overlook the importance of learning about online bingo and how to play it before you get started.

So to help you on your way, here are some top online bingo facts and tips:

  • Bingo is the only form of gambling officially commissioned in the British military, allowing the troops to have some fun in their downtime
  • It is the most popular pastime or activity for women in the United Kingdom aged between 20 and 25, showing that the game is now reaching out to a much younger audience than ever before and it is growing in popularity
  • More than a million people play online or traditional club bingo on a weekly basis
  • By playing at different times of the day, you increase your chances of winning. When you factor in that the majority of people (stereotypically) play online bingo during the daytime – while off work or when the children are at school, there are more players ‘competing’ with you for the prize money. By playing early in the morning or late at night, when there are less players due to other commitments, you increase your chances of winning
  • Take advantage of any bonuses offered by the online bingo sites. Each one will offer players something different, whether it’s an amount of free-to-play-with money or double prize money games – whatever it might be. This gives players the opportunity to bank far more money than they might otherwise pocket but many still don’t take advantage of what is, essentially, free money


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