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Top 5 Gambling Trends for 2017

2017 online gambling trends
2017 online gambling trends

Online gambling is considered as one of the most beneficial businesses in the world. With the increase of online developments, a wide range of new opportunities are created for the gaming market.

There is an impressive growth in the gambling world, this increase in revenue is related to the changes in online gambling activities. We think the following trends have great impact on the online gambling market in 2017.

5 Trends for 2017

  1. The Increase in The Number of Female Online Players: As of now, online gaming is dominated by male players. But, the contribution of female players is increasing day by day. More female gambling players are attracted to this magic world than ever before. Probably female players are shifting to online gambling in their free time, as casino are creating special promotions. And most of the online casinos are adding new and innovative slot games to their gaming catalog that will catch the attention of female gambling lovers.
  2. Technological Changes: More and more people are getting used to their PCs, smartphones, and tablets as an integrated part of their lives. This enables players to easily access gambling websites from the comfort of their home or wherever, whenever. With the increase in popularity for smart devices, most of the players prefer to play games online on these devices. This increase in smartphone usage has inspired top gaming developers across the world to come up with innovative and creative social gambling games. Especially these social games attract new female players. The increase in mobile gaming apps also plays vital role in the online gambling market growth. Recent studies also state that mobile games are the most download application on all the app stores.
  3. Increase in the Number of Regulated Markets: Lately, there are lots of changes in attitude towards gambling online with different nations either accepting new online gambling rules or legalizing gambling online. In Nevada and New Jersey online gambling is state regulated r in the UK it is country wide accepted. By providing a gambling friendly environment, there will be huge increase in the business chances for gaming companies and can attract gambling lovers across the world.
  4. Eletronic Payments: Players will make use of electronic payments to play games, as people are getting more used to these kind of payments and more payments options are available, more players will use online gambling. Another benefit for gambling companies is that it reduces the risk, as electronic payments are less risky to handle than cash.
  5. Betting Has Never Been Easier: Now, online gambling has become much easy and faster than before. Studies state that players pick online gambling than playing games at land-based casinos because of their comfort, convenience, and online gambling ease. After a busy workday, most of the people prefer to relax for some time, and an option often chosen to pass time and relax is by playing games online.

Recent numbers indicate that the online gaming market continues to grow. The above mentioned trends will probably have impact on this growing online gambling market.


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