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Betting strategies at The Breeders Cup

the breeders cup
the breeders cup

When we hear the word “Horse Racing” colorful dresses, a thousand of people, cheering crowd, voice of whistles and moving horses with their jockeys. Well, apart from all those things at the end of the day, everyone comes with an aim of winning a lot of money and there is no better championship in this world other than the “The Breeders Cup”. 2 Days of quality sports betting at this horse race.

Total rewards and award money will be more than $28 million. Be a millionaire in one day! And there is no better place in this world other than this championship for betting. This year, on the 2nd & 3rd of November the 35th annual championship of the breeders cup will be held. During the two-day championship, you will also be introduced to some celebrities who are fans of horse racing.

What are some commonly heard betting stratgies?

“For a beginner who wants to bet, win, place and show are the most common wagers in horse racing. Exotic bets or Horizontal bets require deep knowledge and analyzing ability to win and most of the people don’t know a little bit about these bets. Everyone who hopes for the win will bet. And winning their bet makes them happier i.e. they feel like they are passing a good time. That’s one of the main factors that makes this event enjoyable.”

“I can’t help but anyone on who I bet, I want to win. It can be anyone; the breeder, the rider and also the owner. But one thing that matters most to me, is which of them convinces me to bet on them. For example, I have always loved Arrogate, the horse. He does not win every race and also he is so mean and independent. But I like the way of his personality while racing and style of his winnings, that’s why I bet on him. Last time on the 34th annual breeders cup championship I have selected a box of three and bet on them because last night, I had dinner with one of the trainers and I want to make him win.”

“Firstly, I used to bet on the ones who are very cute and having funny names, but it did not work. I know it sounds very funny, but I was learning that it’s all about betting strategies. Then, I used to bet on those who have performed best in show and again I lost my money. So, I started reading about racing skills, forums where professional handicappers guide you about betting. They are also not always sure about who will win. So, I started paying attention to the name of the trainer. Usually, I did not like to do boxes because it seems like taking insurance. I use to place only a single bet to win. It’s so risky, but still I go for it.”


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