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Smartphone Casino Applications

Estimations are doing rounds that in two years, internet will be accessed more through mobile phones than through computers. Our future is seen clearly in these new smartphone casino applications and the tablet applications.

MacroView Labs is a San Francisco based company that delivers information to its customers about mobile internet. In the United States of America, this company is the leading developer of online casino games. It has millions of users and thousands of downloads each day.

“We’re going to see a situation where more and more companies moving forward are going to say ‘It’s no longer an option for us not to be present on mobile. We have to be present on mobile,’ given that more and more consumers have said that they are comfortable spending money via their mobile devices, and due to how many people are consuming information via their mobile devices,”
CEO Aron Ezra said.

“Casinos are a big part of our business, and I think that is due to the fact that in the gaming space, casinos really like pushing the envelope with new technology and they’re always looking to raise the bar, they’re looking for the next big thing, so a lot of our early adopters were casinos, because a lot of those organizations have a mandate for looking closely at new technologies, but we do work across different industries,” Ezra said.

MacroView Labs is a leading company that has also won awards in its category. It helps many customers around the world. MacroView was started in 2008. The company has its endeavours to push mobile technology especially the smartphone casino applications to a greater level to help all its clients.

“We try to work across a lot of different industries, take the best practices that we learn in many different industries and help bring those to each of the other industries, and so I think there’s a nice cross- pollination of ideas that we are able to do through it,” Ezra said. MacroView Labs provides a number of developments, best practice mobile consulting, hosting, unlimited upgrades and other activities too.


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