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Slot Machine Tricks: Five Most Popular Winning Strategies

slots machine tricks
slots machine tricks

Most gamblers don’t understand how to win at slots. They overestimate the importance of luck, so they think that no strategies are needed to be successful when playing slots. Sure, you could be lucky and win a fortune, but the correct choice of slot strategies can maximize your chances of success. Continue reading or visit Automatenherz, and you will discover the main slot machines tips and tricks which can improve your odds.

One Play Slot Machine Strategy

One of the most effective slot machine tricks is that you should play a slot once with the biggest bet possible. In case of success, you continue playing. If you fail, you just try another game. Despite the simplicity of that trick, not many gamers use it. But in fact, it saves you from sitting with the same slot for long hours.

Standard Deviation Winning Strategy

If you are patient and well-concentrated, you may try an approach based on a advanced mathematical equation. It includes some tricks at slot machines that you should follow step by step:

  1. Choose an “equal pay” slot that accepts an amount related to the number of coins you bet per one line (e.g., you get 10 coins returned for 1 coin; therefore you would get 20 coins for a 2 coin bet).
  2. Play the machine and count the number of spins between your wins.
  3. When you count it at least 10 times, you can see an average number of rounds between successful spins. Further, it will help you to set a bet amount for each round.

Progressive Slots vs Fixed Maximum Payout Slots

In most casinos, you probably see two types of slots: some of them with a fixed maximum payout and others with progressive jackpots which have a meter increasing the prize every round without a return. A disadvantage of progressive games is that usually they are linked together; therefore a huge number of players reduce your odds of winning. And it concerns not only the jackpot but also your chances to win smaller amounts as well. So, you will be more successful in slots with fixed maximum payouts.

Games With Big Jackpots: Illusory Hopes

Your odds to win will be higher if you choose a slot machine with the smallest jackpots. The big prize is harder to get in the short term. It took long playing hours to produce a huge jackpot for other gamblers, so your chances to hit it are lower. Do not believe in fairy tales and stick to smaller returns.

Video Reels vs Classic One Armed Bandits

This slot machine strategy is related to the idea that video slots pay back less than the classic machines. In fact, the return can be less up to 5% which is a huge amount. Displaying of colorful animation in video slots is a period when the casino doesn’t earn, so such slots are programmed to get more money from users than the ordinary slots.

We expect that these tricks for slot machines will be useful for your game. So, choose your winning strategy and believe in yourself! Use these slot machine tips and tricks in a casino, and your odds can increase.


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