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Scratch cards provide instant wins

scratch cards instant wins
scratch cards instant wins

Instant gratification serves as an immediate reward. It is the main attraction for scratch cards, a lottery type game that only requires players to scratch a metallic patch that covers symbols. In a matter of a few seconds, players can scratch the patch with a coin and win hundreds or even thousand.

Scratch and match winning symbols with scratch cards!

The excitement starts building from the time a player buys the scratch cards and digs in his pocket to find a coin. They are playing a game that produces results right away. Scratch cards are affordable and provide players the chance to win big without spending a lot of money. Scratch cards are sold in nearly every country on the planet. They are popular for their simplicity, and inexpensive prices.

Scratch Cards Go Online

Scratch cards are so popular, they have transitioned to online venues that give players the opportunity to explore hundreds of new games at the click of a mouse. Players can also win more online than from traditional scratch cards.

Themes of Scratch Cards

Scratch card games come in many forms, and some are in the theme of classic casino games, such as blackjack, roulette and poker. Slot machine fans are treated to slot-themed cards, and likewise for Bingo players. The magic about scratch cards is players don’t actually have to know the rules of casino games in order to win. By scratching casino-themed cards, players are able to pick up on how casino games work. For example, a blackjack scratch card may require the player to scratch off cards that total 21, which is the goal of the casino game. Roulette scratch cards will challenge players to match one number of out of five or seven to the winning number posted at the top of the cards. Slot-themed cards may come in the form of fruit symbols, and players will have to reveal matching fruits and/or wild symbols to take home the bounty.
Scratch games have very few rules. All players have to do is look for the symbols that match. Most scratch cards have a line through matching symbols with the winning amount next to the lines.
There are sports-themed cards. Themes can range from most holidays to Lucky 7s gaming to jewels and beyond. The lowest price for a traditional scratch card is .10. Bingo cards are typically more expensive because players stand to win multiple times.

Scratch Cards as an Online Activity

Jackpots are noticeably larger online because games online are open to the world, and more players are involved.


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