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Roulette Strategy Guide

roulette tips
roulette tips

There are tons and tons or roulette strategies and systems available on the internet. While a lot of them “guarantee” you to be a winner, there is no system in this world that can offer you real chances to win on a long term. This means that they can only help you win on a short term.

This is how we need to play for success, with the short term in mind. Your mission with roulette is to take the money and run. This means that you can’t find a system or a strategy to offer you an edge over the casino long term and no matter what tactic you apply the house edge will get you in the end.

Different Roulette Strategies

One of the most common strategy you can find for roulette is to play on the even money bets. This way your chances of winning are very close to 50%, just like a coin flip game. One of the most famous roulette strategy requires you to double the bets in case you’re losing and place the bet on the same color and double the bet until you win. Now this seems like a sure-fire way of winning, unfortunately table limits can often get in the way of this as well as freak occurrences of a large
Run of reds. For example say you had 13 reds in a row, and your bet was black and you was doubling your bet each time, to break even on the black coming up on the 14th spin at £5 bets you would need £20,960 on black (Ouch!)

A key part of roulette is having a money management strategy, without it techniques such as the loss chasing method above are sure to lose your money fast.With a bank of funds that you can realistically afford to lose, you play roulette for fun and place the bets you can afford as a percentage based on your bankroll level. Placing bets between 2% and 5% of your entire bankroll is a good strategy to ensure you don’t put all your eggs in one basket and you aren’t wiped out by a losing streak. As you go through some winning streaks and your bankroll increases, you should also move up the level of your bets.

A roulette strategy I like is to start off low say around £1 a bet, and only increase your stake on a winning bet. This way unlike the double up method, you increase risk
when the profits increase, which gives you a much longer and enjoyable roulette experience.

A simple Google search should reveal a multitude of roulette strategies. There are countless ways you can increase your chances of winning, but choosing the right one is in most cases up to you. It’s best to test out a strategy on a free roulette game and in case it turns out fine, then you should move to the real money games and try to choose reliable and reputable online casinos. While you could notice there are many advertisements for special systems that guarantee you to win, it’s best to stay away from these and try the ones available for free, especially since they use the same principles.

Finally I just want to talk about casino bonus offers to give you a winning edge when playing roulette. A few years back casino bonuses where a gamblers paradise, they helped increase your bankroll, gave you more to bet with and increased your winnings. Casinos of course have clamped down on these offers, with heavy turn requirement restrictions. There are still some places that offer bonuses that are a good deal, but be careful. Only ever take a bonus that has up to 25 x Bonus and Deposit as a requirement anything more and you’re unlikely to see your money again. But the lower the turn requirement the higher chance you have of walking away a winner!


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