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Professional roulette tips that work

roulette tips
roulette tips

The majority of roulette tips websites are created specifically to promote online casinos. The problem is the content is written by people with little to no experience in roulette. So naturally, a quick Google search is likely to uncover countless websites with inaccurate advice. One tell-tale sign is if the website lists known losing systems as some of the best. A common example is the Martingale system, where the player doubles bet size after losses. It simply doesn’t work, because the odds of each winning number spinning next are the same. And if you increase your bet size after a loss, all you’re doing is risking more on a following spin. The result is you can either get lucky and win big, or quickly lose your entire bankroll.

Professional roulette tips

If you’re tired of inaccurate roulette tips, and want to know what really works, this page is for you. It reveals professional roulette tips that can help you consistently beat roulette.

  1. Decrease your bet size after losses. This allows you to stay at the table longer, without blowing your bankroll. As with the Martingale, changing bet size won’t increase or decrease your chances of winning. So it’s more about staying at the table longer if you are playing for fun.
  2. Quit while you’re ahead. The longer you play roulette, the more likely you are to blow your entire bankroll.
  3. Avoid busy tables. It is particularly frustrating when tables are crowded, and you can barely reach across the table to bet. If you have the choice, avoid playing roulette during the peak periods.
  4. Play single zero roulette instead of 00. The house edge is almost twice as large with American 00 roulette. This means whatever bankroll you have, statistically you will lose it quicker on the 00 wheel.
  5. Do your research with online casinos. If you ever play online, carefully check the reputation of online casinos. Almost every online casino has had a complaint against it, but not always are they credible. But it’s hard to ignore a large volume of complaints.
  6. Test your roulette system properly. A proper test involves tens of thousands of spins at least. Even random bets over 10,000 spins can produce a profit. Remember that roulette always has winners and losers. In fact the casinos need winners to convince other players that winning is possible. But even if you have won over so many spins, it’s still possibly luck. If there were hundreds of other players using the same system, they may not have been so lucky.
  7. Understand the difference between random number generators and real wheels. No known technology exists to predict the outcome of random number generators. The exception is if the random number generator technology is flawed. But a real wheel is different, and subject to the laws of physics. Many physical characteristics of real roulette wheels make spins predictable. One example is roulette wheel bias. Another is the dominant diamond effect.
  8. You only need a slight advantage to win consistently. The house edge in roulette is only a small -2.7% on the European single zero wheel. It’s nearly double on the American wheel. But in either case, the advantage is not that large. To overcome this slight disadvantage, you only need to achieve a slight increase in the accuracy of predictions. This changes the odds of winning, and put the edge back in your favour. For example, the European wheel has 37 pockets, but the payout is 35 to 1. To consistently beat the casino in the long-term, you only need to predict the correct number better than one in 35 times. So you only need slightly better than random accuracy.
  9. Consider what casinos do to stop professional players. Casinos have hundreds of years of combined experience, and know their business well. What they do to protect themselves against professional players will give you clues as to which roulette strategies work. If you don’t know where to start, I suggest researching casino game protection, and advantage play.
  10. Don’t believe everything you read. Again most roulette tips websites are written by people with no experience. In fact, in most cases they prefer you to lose because they get commissions on your losses. So the last thing they want is for you to win.
  11. Understand the difference between roulette odds and payouts. The odds are how frequently you statistically expect to win. The payouts are the amount you are paid on a win. This can be confusing because with sports betting, the odds and payouts are treated as the same thing. In casino gambling, the difference must be clearly understood. Not only does it reveal how often you can expect to win, but how much you will lose if your roulette system is not effective.


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