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Poker apps for tablets and smartphones

These days, 1 in 10 people own a smartphone and the time users spend making calls and sending text messages from their phones pales in comparison to the other activities performed on it such as surfing the internet, checking Facebook, streaming videos and playing games. It’s with the latter capability that new information website Poker Apps wants to assist with, helping smartphone and tablet owners learn more about iPad poker apps and choose the best apps for their devices.

New Mobile Poker Reference Site Launches at Poker Apps to Help Smartphone Users Get the Most Out of Their Handheld Mobile ‘Casinos’

Aware of the huge gaming opportunities associated with smartphones and tablets, gaming companies continue to roll out a large number of apps and games for the passionate players, allowing users not only to have fun and be entertained, but also make a nice profit. “At Poker Apps, we review the most relevant top mobile poker applications for Android and iPhone, but also for iPad and tablets. We review and compare poker apps, amassing information on all mobile poker apps worth playing”, says representative for Poker Apps, a new information website that rates and compares mobile poker apps.

Poker Apps was created to fill the gap most smartphone and tablet users experienced whenever trying to identify a reference site regarding smartphone and tablet poker apps. Consequently, poker Apps was established as a one-stop destination for all daily poker news, information, resources and updates regarding the mobile poker industry. All apps reviewed on the website are based on first-hand experience by professional gamers, ranking apps based on functionality, performance, price and software playability.

Poker apps reports that although the mobile poker market is still far from providing the complete poker gaming experience to smartphone and tablet users, great progress is being made with regard to developing the mobile poker rooms all gamers are waiting for. “Fortunately, smartphones and tables aren’t going anywhere, so we believe it’s just a matter of time before poker fans will benefit from the integration of poker tournaments and other game capabilities to make mobile poker comparable to its desktop version”.

About Poker Apps:

Poker Apps is a new information website providing all the recent news, information and reviews of real money Android poker app, iPhone poker app, tablets, iPads and any other portable devices used for playing poker games. All reviews are based on the first-hand experience of professional gamers who test and rate all the most relevant mobile poker apps on the market.


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