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PKR Roulette Mobile App – iPhone

The classiest form of mobile roulette spun onto the market in April 2013. Now, just three months on, PKR has already upgraded the app. When the app first surfaced earlier in the year, it was part of a mobile gaming trilogy released by PKR in quick succession. Collectively, the apps achieved nearly half a million downloads during the launch phase. Today, the total figure downloads of the new PKR real money roulette application sits at 2,696.

Following the upgrade, which is officially named ‘Version 2.2’, it is now compatible with iOS 5.1 and higher.

A spokesperson for PKR commented:

“We were taken aback by the sheer volume of downloads from the first launch and the feedback has been immense.

“It has to be said, the developers have done a remarkable job again here and we’re still in our youth when it comes to mobile gaming. It’s an exciting time for us and we’re happy to be sharing it so closely with our members – ultimately, they have always shaped the development of PKR games and it has been no different with our mobile apps.”

The features for the new PKR Roulette Mobile App are listed below:

  1. The most enhanced 3D roulette graphics on iPhone, powered by Unity Engine
  2. Global Leaderboards from the Game Centre
  3. Up to 50 Game Centre Achievements
  4. In game lessons, official rules to roulette and a full tutorial system demonstrating how to play roulette like a pro
  5. Unlockable bonuses
  6. Full PKR ranking system with exp points
  7. Exclusive access to three real money PKR tables
  8. In-game avatar selection
  9. In-game odds assistant
  10. Betting history recorded for review

Roulette has been developing into a serious channel for PKR since the brand introduced its desktop mini-game version in 2011. It may never match the herculean reputation of its main poker product but this smartphone and iPad upgrade will undoubtedly catalyse its popularity amongst gamers in the short term.


PKR is a revolutionary new concept in online poker that has changed the way the game is played. Featuring stunning real-time 3D graphics and a uniquely engaging and immersive gaming system, the PKR 3D poker app brings an unparalleled and previously unseen level of realism to online poker. Developed by some of the brightest stars in the video games and poker industries, PKR continues to be the most innovative poker room in the world.


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