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PKR 3D Blackjack for iPhone

When the first game of ’21’ was dealt on PKR all those years ago, who’d have thought the poker platform would become so well known for its alternative casino games? Now, on the back of its desktop success, the brand has doubled-down and transferred 3D blackjack to iOS.

PKR’s esteemed 3D blackjack splits onto the iPhone and rakes in a heap of downloads straightaway.

Collectively, PKR’s poker, blackjack and roulette apps have exceeded over half a million downloads.

A spokesperson for PKR commented:

“Our members know their stuff when it comes to playability and so we really wanted to get this app right for them before the release on iPhone. Blackjack is a quick game and it’s arguably the coolest card in the deck – this 3D version was always destined for mobile.

“It’s unlikely you’ll get through a full poker tournament during a bus ride but a sharp game of blackjack is perfect. The software developers have outdone themselves again here. To get so many downloads so soon is amazing and we’re just looking forward to our next projects for mobile now.”

Mobile users can download the PKR 3D blackjack game from the App Store here – it is compatible with iOS 4:3 and above, supporting the following features:

  • Free chip bonus and regular giveaways
  • Unlockable extras (can be purchased directly if preferred)
  • Interactive pro blackjack lessons
  • EXP points to improve your ranking on PKR
  • Up to 50 Game Centre Achievements

One user on the product page gives this review:

“Amazing graphics, excellent presentation – easily the best Blackjack game I’ve played on iOS by far.”

The latest PKR blackjack upgrades are all included too, meaning the app supports the free chips option promoted in the ‘Shop’, new in-game sound effects and the ability to change player names.


PKR is a revolutionary new concept in online poker that has changed the way the game is played. Featuring stunning real-time 3D graphics and a uniquely engaging and immersive gaming system, PKR brings an unparalleled and previously unseen level of realism to online poker. Developed by some of the brightest stars in the video games and poker industries, PKR continues to be the most innovative poker room in the world.


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