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The State of U.S. Online Poker Legality 2018

Don’t be surprised, but it’s the year 2018 and there are still only three states where online poker has been “officially” legalized and regulated. They are the same three states who started, what was supposed to become a domino...
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slots machine tricks
slots machine tricks
slots machine tricks

Slot Machine Tricks: Five Most Popular Winning Strategies

Most gamblers don’t understand how to win at slots. They overestimate the importance of luck, so they think that no strategies are needed to be successful when playing slots. Sure, you could be lucky and win a fortune, but the ...

humans vs ai poker
humans vs ai poker
humans vs ai poker

Humans VS Artificial Intelligence in Poker: who is better?

There have been numerous competitions organized between humans and AI to see who is better at poker. While machines and software are smart enough to beat humans at other board games like GO and chess, poker is a lot different b...

Top 5 Rookie Mistakes by Online Casino Players

Everyone plays casino games for fun or to win some nice prizes, however an online casino can be a complicated place for a first timer. Playing casino games is not just about getting the right cards, as sometimes even the right ...