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Online Craps

Welcome to Gambling King, the best site for information and resources about playing online craps. Online Craps has been around for quite some years. In one way or the other the craps game, has been around for ages. Craps is a dice game, which were already poplar with the ancient Greeks and Romans and even five thousand year old dices have been found in Egypt.
How to play online craps
Craps is played with two dice

If you throw total of both dice is seven(7) or eleven(11), in the first throw it is an instant win,
However if a first throw totals two(2), three(3) or twelve(12) you lose the bet.

If you throw any other number than those listed above with your first throw, that number becomes the “Point”.
This reference number (Point Number) must be thrown before a seven(7) is thrown in order to win the bet. So if a seven(7) is thrown before the Point Number is thrown the player loses the bet, this is also called Crapped Out. When you lose the bet you have to pass the dice to the next player that will place his bet on the “Pass Line”.

With current internet technology some online casinos have succeeded in making the online of craps variety just as exciting as the real world version. The major advantage is that now you can play from your home and with mobile technology, wherever whenever you are!

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