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Online Bingo and Keno – Friends forever?

online bingo keno
online bingo keno

The best of friends – Online Bingo and Online Keno! Is this true? There are certainly similarities between the two games, and their cousin, lotteries. But are bingo and keno really that close? At many online gaming sites, they are often categorized together as the same kind of game, and in a respect they are, but to what degree? Let’s have a look.

Online Bingo and Keno Similarities

Online bingo games such as Internet Bingo Sites have their own domain names, and there are many of them. But whilst online keno games seldom tend to have their own domains, they do offer a very similar style and structure of gameplay. Both bingo and keno offer a lottery style game of numbers. Each of the games involves having a ticket of numbers, and checking them off against numbers that are drawn from a pot. In both games, if you mark off all of the numbers, you will win. But that is where the similarity between these two lottery-based games ends.


In bingo, there are very specific targets that a player has to achieve in order to win. For example, in some games, a player must mark off every single numbers, and yet in other bingo games, a player must make only a line, or two lines or numbers in order to win; perhaps, or even just complete a pattern of numbers.
In online keno though, the winning requirements are very different. In keno, the player doesn’t have to match a specific line of numbers or even all of them to win, this is because the structure of the ticket, and therefore the game, is different.

In keno, players can win by marking off just a few of the numbers on their ticket, and also unlike bingo, players aren’t necessarily given random numbers on the ticket. Whilst players can certainly opt to have numbers randomly assigned to their ticket, in keno they can also pick their own magical numbers for themselves. Most keno games also are generally only drawn between 20 and 30 numbers, whilst in bingo, numbers are generally drawn until somebody has matched them all.

So already, you are seeing a few differences between the games that really make them quite different! In fact, their cousin, the lottery is more akin to keno than it is to bingo. Like keno, lotteries require matching a give total of numbers, or all of them to win.

Bingo is therefore the oddball, and perhaps the best friends – bingo and keno tagline isn’t true. Perhaps lottery and keno have more in common with each other. Are they the real best friends, with bingo the oddity, the cousin, if you will? Perhaps it is time we stop grouping bingo and keno together, and appreciate online bingo for what it is, a completely unique and entertaining game that stands alone?


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