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Make Sure your Online Bingo Experience is Safe and Secure

safe secure online bingo
safe secure online bingo

In recent years, we’ve seen an online bingo boom, with new sites springing up all over, allowing bingo fans to enjoy their favourite game from the comfort of their own homes whenever they want. While bingo used to be seen as a game for grandmas-only, online bingo sites like Jackpotjoy have helped open the game up to a whole new audience, and a wider audience too, with younger players enjoying the game more than ever before.

Despite the surge in interest in online bingo games, some people still fear that playing online, and giving out their credit card details in order to play for cash prizes, leaves them open to unscrupulous hackers and sites. But enjoying bingo online shouldn’t be a security risk, so long as you follow some simple security rules.

Legitimate Sites

There are sites out there that are run by shady companies. There are also sites out there that are so badly run as to be difficult to use, and if you win a prize, you might not see it appear in your account for months, if at all as a result. Unfortunately, there is no official regulator of internet-based bingo sites, so common sense when choosing a site is key.

All reputable sites will feature an extensive Privacy Policy section, letting you know where they are based, who they are regulated by, what they do with the personal information you provide them with, and what security measures they use to keep your information, including your credit card details, safe. If there is no info available, you disagree with their privacy policy, or the site seems in any way unprofessional, simply look elsewhere, as you’ll find plenty of legit sites to choose from where you will experience no security issues whatsoever.

Secure Payments

Reputable sites will provide you with all of the information you need regarding payments and security. They will use encryption to protect your credit card details, such as Thawte, which is used by major sites like Jackpotjoy. They should state that they will not share your information, and should offer you a range of secure payment options such as PayPal and NetTeller.

Popular Sites

Try to stick to popular sites that are well established. Many sites, such as Jackpotjoy, will tell you how many players are online at any one time, so you can see for yourself how well they are trusted by others. Look for sites that are run by major companies, such as Jackpotjoy, who have built a solid reputation and have become a familiar face on the online bingo scene through extensive advertising campaigns.

Sites with Awards

Reputable sites with an emphasis on fast payments and customer care will often receive rewards for their efforts as a result. Look out for award-winning bingo sites, such as Jackpotjoy, who make it clear on their website that they are regular Egaming Review winners.

Follow the Players

The online gaming community is a friendly, tight knit one. Before choosing a site, log on to some bingo forums to see what players are saying about the current sites that are out there. You’ll find useful information about the latest bonuses and games on offer at major sites like Jackpotjoy, as well as warnings from players who have experienced problems at some online bingo sites. They are only too happy to let you know which sites they prefer, and which sites to avoid.


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