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Are No Deposit Bonuses Worth Claiming?

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choose best casino

Ever since casinos have operated online they have been enticing new players with offers of free cash. I remember seeing my first casino bonus offer as an 18 year old in the 1990s and like I expect most people I thought, “Wait a minute, this is too good to be true?? Why would you give me free money?” Since the 90s the rise of online gaming has been phenomenal and likewise the casino bonus has evolved.

From the players point of view promotions serve two purposes, to offer free entertainment or increase their chances of profiting. As a young lad I took the promise of free cash quite literally, when in fact casino bonus rules are often complex and confusing. So let’s address the benefits and complexities of a no deposit bonus.

Do No Deposit Bonuses give free Entertainment?

The short answer is yes. No deposit bonuses give the player a chance to play an unfamiliar casino for free. This is good for the player as they might already have a favourite casino they know and trust and it’s a nice incentive to try something new. It gives them an opportunity to check what games and features are available and see what the experience is like before parting with their own funds.

Can No Deposit Bonuses be Profitable?

Again the short answer is yes, but its complex. A no deposit bonus is given as an enticement to get players through the virtual online casino door. For the player this is hugely beneficial as they can effectively bet and win risk free. However, it’s important to remember what you are up against. The casino has to be very careful to set its terms and conditions correctly to ensure that the freebies don’t bankrupt the casino. Casino bonuses have what is known as a turn requirement. This is the amount of times you have to rollover bonus cash to get a withdrawal. No deposit bonuses turn requirements are generally tougher than standard bonuses as the casino has more to lose. You will also find certain games restricted e.g. blackjack and roulette. This is done to prevent what the casino what deem “Bonus Abuse”, which is deliberately betting low risk bets to scalp casino offers.

So, Is it Worth the Hassle?

It depends. Some online casinos are very fair to the player. 32red.com stands out as a casino that has the player’s interests at heart and has received support and awards over the years from highly regarded casino forum casinomeister.com. There are also many more casinos which do try to make their offers fair and reasonable. However some online casinos are clearly only interested in the benefits to the casino of using such offers and make the terms and conditions so hard that your average player would never make a profit or particularly enjoy the experience of a bonus withdrawal attempt.

The key to getting the most out of no deposit bonuses is to shop around. The terms and conditions on the offers vary hugely. I’m a big fan of value for money and on my own blog I detail the best betting offers I can find, but only at places I know to be reputable. Why not check out our top no deposit bonus offers.

Author Bio: Phil Rushton is the owner of ExclusiveBonus.co.uk. This site was set up to give you easy access to the best free bets, bonuses and betting offers online. Phil believes in getting the best value for money from your betting experience. This can be achieved by claiming the latest deals and keeping up to date with the best offers listed on Exclusive Bonus.


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