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New National Lottery Scratchcards in 2018

new national lottery scratchcards
new national lottery scratchcards

At any given time, The National Lottery has approximately 50 different scratchcard games in circulation. These scratchcards range from £1 – 10 in price with available prizes anywhere from £100 – £4 million dependent on the game you choose to play. Every year new National Lottery scratchcards are being added. In this article we list the scratchcards released in 2018.

The current list of in-play scratchcards is published on The National Lottery website. It is updated once a day from Monday to Friday, with updates including new game releases and the number of remaining jackpots for each scratch card.

Whilst new scratchcards are introduced at multiple times throughout the year, game closures tend to only happen once every 6 months, or when all the jackpots are claimed on any given scratchcard. When a scratchcard game is closed, you have just 6 months from the closure date to claim any winnings; you can find this information on this page.

New National Lottery Scratchcards

The only way that details of new scratchcards are announced to the public are when The National Lottery update the current scratchcard game table we’ve just linked to. However, all new scratchcards tend to be released roughly on a monthly basis.

However, there is no fixed release date calendar, and new games are released as and when. At scratchcard-winners, we are the only website that provides same-day scratchcard release information. We have written articles covering all new releases from March 2018 this year.

We’ve quickly learnt from followers on our social media accounts which games are popular – and unpopular for that matter. Below, we go through some of the highlights for the new National Lottery scratchcards from 2018.

Cashword Bonus Yellow

cashword bonus yellow scratchcard

The Cashword Bonus Yellow scratchcard is included in this list due to the confusion it has caused its players.

At first glance, it looks like any other cashword game that has been available previously. To play, reveal your letters, and scratch the corresponding letters in the gameplay area. Scratch three or more words completely, and you win at least the £3 cash prize.

However, this edition introduces a bonus game. To win the bonus game, you must reveal all letters in the five-letter word to win the bonus prize.

It is possible to win on BOTH the normal gameplay area and the bonus game – with the maximum prize you can win this way set at £40.

We’ve seen many players that have struggled with the rules, and confused as to whether they have won or not.

We have published a how-to play guide that helps answer any queries you have regarding this game here. If you are ever unsure about the result, take it to your nearest lottery retailer and they can check for you.

Full of £500

full of 500 scratchcardThe Full of £500 scratchcard was released in March 2018. This follows the successful introduction of the Fast £500 scratchcard almost a year prior to this.

To play this game, first reveal the five winning numbers at the top of the scratchcard. Proceed to scratch of your 15 numbers; match one or more and win the corresponding prize. Reveal a diamond symbol anywhere in the game play area and win all the prizes.

Even though the jackpot for this scratchcard is just £500, the Full of £500 has become a firm favourite amongst scratchcard fans. Although the jackpot prize of £500 is meagre in comparisons to other £5 scratchcards boasting a chance of a £1 million, the sheer number of prizes – in excess of 7,000 – means that it is one of the easiest ways to become a scratchcard jackpot winner!

Below are just some (of the many) winners we have featured.

Christmas Advent Calendar

christmas advent calendar scratchcardChristmas scratchcards are released every year. However, in September 2018, The National Lottery announced a re-release of a classic from 2016.

Although many people were surprised by its omission in 2017, the popular scratchcard is back with 5 jackpot prizes of £250,000 on the Advent calendar themed scratchcard.

With 24 ‘windows’ each is labelled 1-24. Under each number are two symbols – get two of the same and win the cash prize.

Although it was launched in September, only one month later and two of the available five scratchcards have already been claimed.
This is somewhat surprising for so many jackpots to be won in such a short space of time. However, the initial number of scratchcards printed is significantly lower than that a normal £5 game.

Instant £100

instant 100 scratchcardSimilar to the Full of £500 scratchcard, the size of the jackpot prize has been significantly reduced in favour of increasing the number of jackpot prizes.

The game play is slightly different; reveal two identical symbols in one of the seven rows and win the cash prize. Match two ‘DOUBLE’ symbols and win twice the value of the prize.

There is also a bonus game on this scratchcard – reveal a lightning bolt and additionally win this prize too.

Surely, it’s no surprise to hear we’ve seen many £100 winners!

Pharoah’s Fortune

pharoahs fortune scratchcardHere’s another scratchcard that has caused scratchcard players issues this year.
The Pharoah’s fortune scratchcard was initially released before it was soon retracted by The National Lottery. The reason for this was apparently due to issues with winning scratchcards not properly scanning on terminals in store.

The scratchcard was then soon re-released with the initial scratchcards back in circulation however.

The game requires the player to match three identical Egyptian-type symbols to win the cash prize. However, the symbols look fairly similar and it is not a particularly user-friendly game.
Of all the scratchcards in circulation, we get very few winning photos of this scratchcard submitted to us, which also reiterates that it is probably not a player favourite!

Big Winners 2018

scratchcard jackpot winner

Here is a jackpot winner we have featured in 2018.

It’s all good and well showing you new scratchcards released in 2018, but these mean nothing unless you can see that there are real winners out there.

We still expect more scratchcard games to be released in the last couple of months of 2018. Come and follow us on our website or one of our social media pages as the only source of up-to-date UK scratchcard information.


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