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National Lottery Scratchcards in 2019 – Where it Went Wrong

In our last post for Gambling-King, we wrote about some of the National Lottery Scratchcards released in 2018.

A whole year has now passed, and we’ve seen over 30 new scratchcards that have been released. However, they have not been without controversy.

We’ve picked three of the biggest stories that have caused issues for National Lottery players this year.

£4 Million Red Scratchcard

In April 2019, The Sun published an article telling the story of two friends who purchased the £10 scratchcard game – £4 Million Red – and won the jackpot prize of £4,000,000.

However, their excitement was short lived, as National Lottery bosses refused to pay out the top prize due to concerns with how the scratchcard was purchased.

£4 Million Red Scratchcard

The winning scratchcard in this story was purchased from a Waitrose store in Clapham, London using a debit card. However, when the couple went to claim their prize, National Lottery discovered that neither had their own bank account and such, the debit card they used could not possibly be theirs.

After further investigation, they claimed that they used the card of an additional friend, who they refused to name.

Six months later, National Lottery have not paid out the jackpot prize and details of the criminal past of the two winners has also come to light, casting more doubt on the claim.

In the likely event that the prize is not paid out, the £4,000,000 will be added to the National Lottery Good Cause Fund to help fund a range of local charities throughout the UK.

Triple Cashword Blue Scratchcard

Not even a month after the saga with the £4 Million Red scratchcard, another game dominated the headlines. This time, it was not an issue with the prize payout, but a gameplay error that caused National Lottery embarrassment.

The scratchcard in this story features the £3 game – Triple Cashword Blue.

The aim of the game is to reveal 18 letters and scratch them off in the main gameplay area. The more complete words you reveal, the more you win.

Although the scratchcard has been around for a few years, a new bonus game was introduced on this edition of the scratchcard. Four letters were circled on the gameplay area, with the idea that if you revealed a full word with a circled letter, you tripled your total prize.

In theory, this was a good idea. But it was not executed properly.

This was found out by a Great-Grandmother from Yorkshire, who played one of these scratchcards, and had the below 4 circled letters.

Triple Cashword Blue Scratchcard

Again, The Sun featured this news story, and after public backlash, National Lottery removed this scratchcard from sale shortly after it was released.

Instant £500 Scratchcard

The Instant £500 scratchcard is a £5 scratchcard from the National Lottery which offers the lowest-priced jackpot prize of £500.

Although the jackpot is significantly less than other £5 scratchcards, the number of jackpots available to be won is significantly increased, making it your best chance of becoming a scratchcard jackpot winner!

To play the game, you have a main game and two bonus games. The issue for this scratchcard was caused by the second bonus game, in which you needed to reveal a ‘Gold Bar’ symbol to instantly win the prize.

Instant £500 Scratchcard

Rather confusingly, National Lottery decided to introduce another similar symbol, a ‘Silver Bar’ which meant you were not a winner.

And as such, many players were left embarrassed when they went to cash-in what they thought were winners, only to realise that the symbol they had revealed was the wrong one!

Although this story didn’t make it to the National press, or cause the game to be revoked, we featured the story on Scratchcard Winners and were inundated with comments about players who were tricked by this bonus game!

What’s Ahead for National Lottery Scratchcards in 2020?

As ever, we expect to see a new range of National Lottery scratchcards to be released on a monthly basis.

With scratchcards and their online equivalent – Instant Wins – making the most profit for National Lottery, expect to continue to see them promoted and advertised throughout the next year.

And as ever, if you want to share a big win, or need some help with a game, get in touch with us at Scratchcard Winners via our website or social media sites!


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