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Mounties Cracking Down on the Gambling Sector

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police recently announced that several suspects from York Region were arrested as a result of a raid relating to the PlatinPlatinumSB Sportsbook Casino Arrestum SB Sportsbook and Casino free bets gambling operation. There was a total of 18 suspects arrested throughout different municipalities in Ontario. One of the suspects is a 38 year old male from Thornhill that is facing additional charges related to several firearm offences as well. Some of the other suspects are from Aurora, Markham, Barrie, Oakville, Toronto, London, Stouffville, Richmond Hill and Vaughan. Some of the charges other suspects face include involvement in organized crime, bookmaking, unlawful possession of property and other offenses as well.

A month earlier, there were six arrests related to the gambling operation at the invitation only Super Bowl event that was held at Le Parc Banquet Hall. Two of the suspects arrested at the Platinum SB Sportsbook raid were also at arrested at the Super Bowl event, each suspect faces additional charges now. There have been a total of 13 search warrants issued at households and financial institutions.The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are still after four more suspects.

During a new conference, the Assistant Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said that the raid dismantled one of the largest illegal gaming groups throughout Canada. The commissioner said the outfit generated significant profits and noted that technology played a significant role in creating more sophisticated criminal activity than the norm. Many of the suspects that were arrested are facing several charges including conspiracy to commit a criminal offense, bookmaking and participating in a criminal organization. Authorities believe the gambling operation was earning around $1 million in revenue each month.

The Acting Superintendent of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said that most of the gambling happened in Canada, and the betters are being considered victims. He also pointed out that the mounted police raid was effective in apprehending the management regime and disrupting the organization’s ability to manage or harvest free bets. The Combined Special Enforcement Unit that carried out the raid comprised of a collaborative effort from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, York Regional, Ontario Provincial and other police units as well. Police officers seized several million in cash, computers, cellphones, ledgers, documents from criminal organizations, a taser, betting lists, handguns and four cars as well.

The raid was the result of an 18 month long investigation on the Platinum website that is based in the Greater Toronto area. The website was shut down immediately after the raid but it popped up again under a different URL shortly thereafter. The Acting Superintendent of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said that the move to a new URL can actually be used as evidence of further criminal activity. This gambling operation allegedly had parties involved from the Hells Angels and other organized crime gangs as well. He noted that these groups will most likely adapt in some unexpected fashion but this latest raid is certainly a significant disruption to their organization.


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