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Mobile Roulette Players Rising at mFortune

mfortune mobile roulette
The number of roulette players at mFortune mobile casino has seen a steady rise over the last six months. Figures suggest that the number of people playing roulette with mFortune is fast approaching those using mFortune Mobile Bingo.

mFortune, the leading mobile casino in the UK, has attributed the increase of roulette players to the use of mobile devices.

The widespread use of smartphones has led to larger screens better equipped for playing casino games. With their roulette games tailor made for mobile, mFortune have benefitted from the enormous interest in casino games for mobile phones.

Additionally, the frequency of big wins at mFortune is thought to be a major contributing factor.

Bingo has been consistently popular since its arrival online, whilst roulette too has retained the prestige it enjoyed in live mobile casinos.

The growth of roulette players at mFortune points towards a universal adoption of casino games among the general public.

Roulette, already a favourite among mFortune players, offers stylish graphics with a user-friendly format.

Having designed all games in-house, mFortune are able to provide an exclusive roulette game for players.

A £5 free bonus, subject to terms and conditions, is available to players who sign up to mFortune’s European roulette . Such bonuses mean that roulette now challenges bingo at mFortune as the most popular game.

European roulette a Hit with Tablet Users at mFortune

European roulette a Hit with Tablet Users at mFortune

Tablet owners play European Roulette more than any other top game at mFortune, statistics show.

mFortune, the leading mobile casino in the UK, has identified a big rise in the number of roulette players accessing the game via their tablets.

The rise indicates an enthusiasm for casino games catered towards the mobile device market. With in-house developed games designed for mobile, mFortune are a casino ideally position to provide these games.
European Roulette is one of a number of classic casino games provided by mFortune.

The game is perfect match for tablet users given the screen size required for a roulette game.

Crystal clear graphics and straightforward gameplay has made roulette a particular favourite at mFortune.

Statistics show that tablet owners are more likely to use the device in their own home whilst simultaneously engaging with another device such as television.

The uncomplicated nature of roulette means the game is an ideal one to play when relaxing at home.

Roulette is also suitable for tablet given the touch screen features of playing on a mobile device. Aspects of the game such as placing chips on the roulette table are made easy on devices that require little effort to use.


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