Posted January 3, 2014 by GamblingKing in Mobile Casino

Mobile Roulette head to head with betting shop machines

A team of roulette players from www.covertcasino.co.uk have debated the ultimate subject of playability by pitting mobile phone software against betting shop machines to find out which is better for simulating casinos most famous wheel.

With all the speculation surrounding betting shop machines and the possible extinction of such devices from the high street, www.covertcasino.co.uk have compared one of the fastest growing alternatives with a new mobile roulette app currently trending online. The site which offers players guidance and breaking news from the casino industry has put the bookies terminals head to head with one of the internets best roulette simulators in a debate over which is better.

The polite discussion involved a panel of four bookmaker’s enthusiasts along with team coverts own management team who peddled for the mobile players. Topics ranged from playability to user interface, customer care to potential bonuses with even the size of the roulette wheel argued upon. The main area of focus was primarily the future of casino gaming and how iphones and other handsets have revolutionised the betting business, and if roulette machines could survive such evolution

Whilst hanging around in betting shops with old men who talk about horse racing may have its social advantages, a gaming device that can eat pound coins faster than a Dyson vacuum does not. Yet the roulette screen is much larger than its android based counterpart but lacks the deposit bonuses found on your handset. Both versions of the red and black wheel are simulated and both use software to determine payouts, yet which is more trustworthy.

Then there is the topic over which is safer, some even say that mobile sites are now better at regulating responsible gaming and the control over players accounts, whereas bookmakers rely on their staff to regulate such responsibilities. In covertcasinos roulette machine tips guide book this topic is discussed in great detail with a number of helpful ways to improve playing more responsibly.

As the debate raged on it became clear that although high street shops still have a place in the age of modern gambling, there is something far more superior on the horizon. With no restrictions on time, location or betting limits, some would argue that playing roulette on your mobile is too accessible. Though with such freedom come far greater rewards.


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