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Mobile gambling has been growing for the last ten years and is almost certain to dominate the industry. Many industry forecasters are predicting accelerated growth in mobile gaming revenue in the European markets, with a higher number of mobile casino and mobile sportsbooks launching mobile services.

If you’re interested in finding information on this market, casinosms.mobi has become one of the biggest information portals for mobile gaming news, research and information. Their team of editors and writers have played and written about the best mobile casino games and software, including operators such as Microgaming, Probability, IGT, Playtech, Slotland (who run the Slotland Mobile casino for US players) and others.

Casinosms.mobi is the biggest and most successful online portal covering the latest mobile gaming news, research, games and operators.

One of the benefits of learning about the best mobile gambling software from the team at casinosms.mobi is that you can find the best games, biggest bonuses and weekly promotions for new players, easiest deposit options and the best range of games. Platinum Play Moble Casino, for example, runs 21 unique mobile games for a range of devices. These games include video slots, blackjack, roulette, instant win, video poker and UK fruit machine games. On the other hand, old casino sites which haven’t updated their software in the last year (e.g. Bet365 and William Hill Mobile Casino) have a limited supply of moribund WAP games. These will be a terrible experience for users with the latest iPhone and Android devices.

In fact, iPhone casino app users will be happy to hear that casinosms.mobi also reviews and provides recommendations on the best casinos for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and iPad 2 devices. We provide explanations for our choices, along with guides on how to download these casinos to your mobile and an overview of the games that are on offer. Click here to see their recommended Android gambling operators.

If you haven’t already tried playing casino games on your mobile for real money, and you currently play online, than it’s only a matter of time before you join the mobile revolution. Jupiter Research has predicted total wagers on mobile gambling services to reach $48 billion by 2015, which will represent roughly 10-15% of the total gambling industry. You can read more about the huge growth of mobile betting in this article here.

The biggest areas for growth in 2010 and 2011 were in mobile betting of course, particularly in the UK where gambling law is more liberal and relaxed. All of the UK bookmakers launched mobile services for the latest smart phone devices such as the iPhone and iPad 2 years ago. On the other hand, across the Pacific, the US is far behind and is one of the reasons why global turnover from mobile gambling has not been as high as it was once predicted (many research companies expected mobile gambling to be five times bigger by now, however restrictions from the UIGEA 2006 put a huge CAP on this).

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