Posted December 3, 2010 by GamblingKing in Gambling

Mobile Gambling the Wave of the Future

Imagine this: You are sitting in a rather boring meeting inside a large conference hall. The guy in front of you has his iPhone in hand and is playing blackjack online. And as you observe, he wins a hand in real money. This is what online casino operators are hoping to see.

Research giant Juniper says that the odds of this happening in the future are excellent. In fact, the research firm estimates that mobile gambling wagers will hit the $48 billion mark by the year 2015 from a combination of casino games, lottery and sports betting.

When you think about it, the mobile phone is the perfect tool to use for wagering money. You could gamble on the morning commute, in your cubicle at lunchtime or while dressed in your night clothes at 3 am. There will be a day, and it is not so far off, when people won’t go to the horse track any more or to a sporting event because they will be routinely able to place their bets from their hand-held devices. Mobile betting is poised to change the world of gambling and it’s sure to become a revolution in the online gambling industry.

Some European casinos are already generating as much as 15% of their business through mobile casino game platforms. Huge online casinos such as Bet365 and Ladbrokes already offers mobile gambling and it is expected that most every online casino will follow suit. It wasn’t so long ago that online casino gambling was the latest and coolest thing. Now the coolest thing is a mobile casino because the technology is expanding quickly.

What do you think? Will you welcome the opportunity to gamble freely on your mobile phone or do you think that it’s enough to be able to play poker, blackjack and slots on your home computer? People against the idea say “enough is enough”. There are many good arguments for opposing the idea. Maybe it will be too easy to wager your hard-earned money if every web-based casino offers mobile gambling. But then again, you have to be an adult to gamble online and aren’t adults allowed to make their own decisions?

Until the phenomenon becomes widespread, most of us will have to settle for gambling online from our laptops, PC or iPads. And, what’s so bad about that? The online casino games are big, colourful and really quite amazing on our large screens. The experience is very much like it is when you are sitting in a land-based casino. Plus, with the live dealer games like blackjack and roulette that are being offered today, the experience is even more astounding and life-like, so what’s the rush with mobile gambling?

If you were to talk to anyone in the UK today that is currently enjoying online casino action at one of the top European casinos such as GuruPlay, you will probably be told that they are totally satisfied with what these great online casinos offer. GuruPlay has all of the games you could ever hope for, it has a live casino as well which is very popular and drawing throngs of new players each day. Sure, mobile gambling is coming more and more, but for now it seems that most of us are 100% satisfied with the online gambling choices we presently have. Are you?


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