Posted July 4, 2013 by GamblingKing in Mobile Casino

Mobile casinos are more popular than ever!

mobile casinosPlaying casino games on your mobile is becoming more popular than ever – the simple reason why is that mobiles are getting better. You can now play some of the latest games on any mobile platform. There was a time where mobiles did not have the power to display the latest games, but now they do.

Mobile owners have long had the opportunity of playing simple casino games, but now technology has improved so that the latest slot games and arcade games can be played along with all their sounds effects that you find if you played on your PC.

Mobile casinos have a lot of advantages over desktops. First of all, you can play where you want and when you want.

You can play when you are waiting for a bus, or during your lunch break. You do not have to risk being shouted at by your boss for using your computer to play games – you can do it using your phone and no one needs to be the wiser!

Mobile casinos are as good as desktops in terms of the graphics for many games. I would challenge anyone to tell the difference between a mobile game of roulette and one on a desktop.

Online Casinos are also very keen to get mobile customers – after all, casinos want you to play as often as possible!

There are separate bonuses for mobile customers – you will frequently see no deposit bonuses and extra offers just for downloading the mobile casino. These are offers that you would not be able to get anywhere else if you just used the flash casino or downloadable casino.

With all these advantages, you would expect a few disadvantages. The first is that the game selection is not as wide. Whereas you might find 300 different games in an online desktop casino, you might only find 30-50 of the top games.

You will also not always be able to access the full capability of live casinos – this is because of limitations the streaming capacity of a mobile phone. However more and more casinos are offering live casino games for mobiles as well.

Otherwise, playing on a mobile casino is every bit as fun!


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