Posted April 3, 2014 by GamblingKing in Mobile Casino

mFortune Bingo Mobile

Those playing mFortune Bingo on their mobile phone has risen significantly over the last twelve months, it has been revealed.

The casino operator, which specialises in mobile casino games, has witnessed a steady growth in the number of people accessing the game on their mobile phone or tablet. mFortune has revealed that the most downloaded game on its website is bingo.

Statistics show that players are taking advantage of the benefits of mobile bingo gaming, which include playing when not at home and interacting with others through a chat feature and the game boasts impressive graphics and easy access. mFortune Bingo, which won Best mobile bingo operator at the mGaming awards 2012/2013, is enjoyed by more people than any other game.

An increase in the amount of players turning to mobile and tablet for bingo games indicates a shift in the traditional methods of online gaming. The increase in mobile gaming is not limited to bingo, with huge numbers of people now playing a mixture of games on mobile devices. Bingo is marginally ahead of European Roulette and the slot machine game Vegas Vegas as the most played at mFortune.

Mobile devices like phones and tablets are rapidly surpassing the laptop as the principal location for playing bingo games.

With mFortune offering bingo games designed and built for mobile use, the casino operator has taken the initiative in the mobile gaming market.

With the sales of smartphones continuing to rise, it seems likely that the appetite for bingo games for mobile will continue to increase.

Bingo is the most frequently played game at mFortune, the mFortune mobile bingo game is called mmmBingo. Based in the UK, mFortune offer a bingo game with a live chat feature, along with regular bonuses and loyalty points. Friendly and informative chat administrators help add to the convivial atmosphere within the game, something which has attracted new players to the game.

In addition, they also hold 2 weekly competitions exclusive to bingo players. Players are automatically given a £5 no deposit mobile bingo bonus when signing up to mFortune bingo, subject to terms and conditions.


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