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Looking for online blackjack tips?

best blackjack site
best blackjack site

So, you’re looking for a little something that will help you to be better in online blackjack? Maybe you’ve already tried so many different tricks and strategies, listened to so many tips that you really stopped believing that there actually is anything that can help you improve your game and become a better online blackjack player. Don’t give up just yet, not before you have tried these seven simple online blackjack tips.

1. Forget about Card Counting

The first tip for anyone who plays online blackjack is to forget about card counting. While this technique may have worked wonders in a regular game, online blackjack is different because the deck is always shuffled before each hand. And sometimes, you will be playing with more than one deck. So, this rules card counting completely out as a winning technique.

2. Forget about the variations

The second tip that I can give you is to stick to the regular blackjack. Forget about the variations. That is just a way for the online casinos and online blackjack sites to draw more players. They may look like they are fun, but once you figure out that they are not very different from regular blackjack, you’ll soon grow bored with them. After you waste some money on them, of course.

3. Blackjack is extremely random

The third tip for online blackjack players is to remember that this game is extremely random. You should always expect streaks, whether they are good or bad. So, just play your normally, don’t think “this is my time to win” and bet too much. Bad streaks happen in online blackjack just as they do in regular blackjack. When you enter a losing streak, you have two options. You can either quit playing and play some other time or, you can continue playing and betting just enough to sustain you in the game until your luck changes.

4. Find trustworthy Blackjack site

Before you actually start playing, choose the online casino where you’re going to play at carefully. Good, trustworthy online casinos have high security, so that means you can actually bet your money without having to worry about cheating or having your information stolen.

5. Practice Blackjack

Practice, practice, practice! It’s the best way to hone your skills. Most of the best online casinos also offer the option of free games, something that isn’t allowed in the traditional casinos. That way, you can actually practice before playing for real.
If you have moved on to games where you’re actually betting money, don’t increase your bet size unless you’re on a winning streak. If you try to raise your bet when you’re losing to make it up for the lost money, you only risk losing even more.

6. Cool

Keep your head cool. A big part of the game is watching your cards and your opponent’s closely. If for some reason you’re upset, it might change the way you view the game and mess with your concentration, making you more prone to losses.

7. Have fun!

While some people do make their living off online blackjack, the main reason why you should play is because you enjoy it. But remember that while it is indeed an exciting game, it is also really addictive. Remember to say hello to the sun every once in a while!

As you can see, online blackjack can be a lot of fun. It is almost the same as the regular version, but it does have a few differences. I already mentioned the card counting problem. You should also know that online blackjack can be a bit faster than its real world version, so it will demand of you to think and act faster than you may be used to.

On the other side, the main goal and the rules of the game have not changed at all, You still draw cards, one by one, until you have a total sum of cards equal or nearer to 21 than anyone at the table, including the house. The Ace counts as either one or eleven, depending on your other cards and the cards with pictures (jack, queen and king) are worth 10 points. You can stop receiving cards at any moment (for instance, if you already have 20 points, waiting for an ace is not a very good idea as there is very little chance of that card coming), but if you go above 21, then that is a bust and the house wins the hand.

Following these simple tips, you can guarantee you will have a lot of fun with online blackjack. Choose your favorite online casino and enjoy!


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