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Life and Poker – There Are Many Lessons To Learn Here!

poker life lessons
poker life lessons

Poker and life do have many things in common. A lot of lessons that you gain from the game of poker can be applied in everyday life. We make decisions for ourselves in life pretty similar to we make in poker. Well! This may seem a bit funny to you but this really proves that there is actually a resemblance between poker and life!

Lessons like taking instant decisions, being proactive, responding well in all situations, not giving up, accepting a loss once in a while, letting go of situations that are out of your control – all these things are very important to learn in life. If you haven’t learned them yet, poker can teach you – not going to be easy though.

Just can’t let go!

So you are at the poker table, not expecting to lose a game but somehow the circumstances went wrong and you feel that you can’t make it but your ego will not tell you to let it go!

Pretty similar to when you are waiting on the red light that just turned green and you pushed the accelerator to cross but an idiot from the left at the same time crossing his red light! What you are going to do that time? Probably you are going to roll down your window and shout with your favorite-vocabulary at him! Yes! You know what I mean. You just can’t let it go because your ego comes in between.

Poker helps you learn the act of letting it go without having to feel disappointed or being aggressive!

It’s a journey so enjoy it!

You may have heard it often times that “Life is a journey” or “Enjoy the journey, not the destination”.

Pretty similar to the life that tells you to get up and face it everytime you get a failure, poker tells you the same. Don’t just expect to get rich instantly or don’t expect the end result to positive everytime. There is still a long journey to go and you just can’t stop here!

Bite in small amounts

You may have heard the common saying “Don’t eat more than what you can chew”. This may have been substituted by the common phrase “DUDE CHILL!”, but their meanings are pretty similar.

What would happen if you put a big portion of your favorite dish in your mouth when you know you will not be able to eat it! Things will get worse, isn’t it?

Now let’s go to the poker table. Play with folks having the same abilities. If you are new to it or not as experienced as the good ones, and you choose to play with an expert, you may end up in frustration loosing several games in a row. And later you find, you aren’t interested in playing poker anymore!

Great lessons, right? Never belittle the power of small things. Every experience tells you something no matter it is about a person, animal, child, game, TV show, book – anything that you have. Life is a consistent learning experience. Don’t just stand and wait for the things to happen. Jump inside it and learn to grow. And don’t forget to play poker!

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