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Legalized Online Poker May Enhance Land-based Casino Play

US Gaming Survey, a leading Internet polling company and author of the 2012 U.S. Online Poker Survey, highlights some dramatic new findings in the latest issue of iGamingBusiness North America.US Gaming Survey stated in a recent article contained in the latest edition of iGamingBusiness North America magazine that land based casino gaming will not be cannibalized or limited when online gambling is legalized and regulated in the United States. In fact, current land based casinos are more likely to experience a modest increase once both options are available in the same operational market.

The current issue of iGamingBusiness North America focuses upon online poker player behavior in the U.S. in an article titled “Poker Players Rebuff Common Gambling Myths”. The article draws attention to data gathered by US Gaming Survey in a 2012 survey of over 8,000 diverse people who currently play poker online. The 2012 U.S. Online Poker Survey© dug into player behavior to discover if online poker would potentially cannibalize land-based gaming, how often players participated online and how much they wager, ultimately aiming to get inside the mind of current online poker players with a unique 36 question survey.

The article reviews several valuable facts from the survey stating that, “more respondents indicated they would increase their state lottery or land-based casino play than those who would decrease it. This was proven particularly true with the lottery-based questions. Younger people who indicated they currently don’t buy lottery tickets would consider buying them online if made available coinciding with online poker.” Also prominently noted was that legal and regulated online gambling would have “no effect” on their land-based gaming play.

The serious issue of cannibalization is one of the hottest debated topics and possible deterrents to current legislative efforts facing U.S. decision makers. The IGBNA article includes this information as well as the effects of past U.S. Department of Justice actions and previous online gaming decisions. The article includes data from US Gaming Survey that most online poker players play for small stakes and would welcome taxation over the current un-regulated environment. These are strong indicators that should please pro-online gaming lobbyists.

US Gaming Survey was founded by a research group with over 30 years of online gaming experience dedicated to providing top quality gaming research focused on accurate reporting and custom behavior analytics. Firmly supported by trust, US Gaming Survey is a unique marketing research organization centralized upon one defined category: Online Wagering. Specifically, US Gaming Survey is able to measure, analyze and forecast the United States public behavioral position for online wagering including poker, lottery, casino and sports.


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