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Jackpot247 – Mobile gambling in Germany

Online gambling experts, Jackpot247, have celebrated predictions of a huge rise in online and mobile gambling revenue in Germany, signalling a similar boom around the world.

A leading online and mobile casino company in Germany has predicted a rise in revenue from the mobile gaming market in the next couple of years, claiming that it could double by 2015. The company, Online Casino Deutschland, reports that the online and mobile sectors have already seen a significant rise in 2013, with mobile gambling leading the way with a 19% growth per annum.

This has implications not just for online and mobile gambling markets in Germany, but also around the world in countries such as the US and UK. The firm reportedly expects mobile gambling revenue to reach around $12 billion internationally in 2014, and believes that Germany will be a major contributor of that number. The company said:

“Users have discovered that the convenience and portability of mobile gaming is unrivalled and this type of entertainment has quickly become a popular pastime due to its instant accessibility. The large volume of casino sites that offer mobile-optimised gaming are testament to the public demand and the continual growth of the mobile revolution is driven by smart phone and tablet popularity merged with the easy availability of top quality entertainment.”

Jackpot247, providers of a wide variety of mobile casino games such as mobile video slots and various other mobile games, have reacted to these predictions from the German company, and celebrated its implications for the industry worldwide. A spokesperson for the company said:

“Mobile gaming, along with online gambling, has been rising in popularity for many years and these predictions of revenue growth just highlight how fast the market is still growing. Despite these figures coming from Germany, mobile gambling is set to explode all over the world, and these positive forecasts for the industry don’t seem at all far-fetched when looking at the evidence.”

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