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How Skill Based Games Impact Casinos

skill based games impact casinos
skill based games impact casinos

Over the past few years, casinos all around the world have seen a dip in participation rates. Fewer and fewer people are venturing to casinos and the industry is fighting back. Casinos have started taking numerous steps to ensure that consumers return to the physical establishments. Some have even created a hybrid platform, which allows gamers to play online and at home. Of course, the biggest change is most definitely the introduction of new skill based games. With this guide, you will learn more about this change towards skill games and how it will impact the casino industry.

Understanding The Change

So, what are casinos doing in an attempt to increase the traffic to their establishments? Well, they’re beginning to adopt new skill-based games. This includes Candy Crush, Tetris and other similar games. In the past, it would be unfathomable to consider playing such games within a physical casino. Today, more and more casinos are adding such games to their establishments. Some have even teamed up with Esports betting sites, so they can begin offering e-sports gambling to their clients. Truly, the casino industry is making a big change and adding skill based games has proven to be very effective.

Draws In Millennials

Almost all millennials are familiar with Candy Crush Saga and similar games. Few know anything about Blackjack. They simply do not have the patience to sit down and learn how to play traditional card games. Candy Crush and other skill based games are different. They’re quick and the learning curve is very slim. This is why casinos see a major opportunity in such games. There is a possibility that these skill-based games will be able to attract more millennials to the casinos. In return, this can lead to bigger profits for the casino industry as a whole.

Adds Intensity And Refreshes The Industry

There is no doubt that casinos have lost their luster over the years. A lot of people feel bored when playing card games. This has become a major issue for casinos and it is one of the main reasons they’re adding skill-based games to their establishments. Skill games are far more intense and a lot of them are lightning fast. With skill-based games, the player is involved from start to finish. They’re more lively and energetic. In fact, it is safe to say that skill-based games are far more exciting that traditional casino games.
With skill-based games, casinos have managed to take a refresher and add more life to their games.

Another Revenue Source

Finally, it is vital to realize that casinos need to make money. Whether it is with roulette or the slot machines, these establishments must make money, in order to make payouts without losing too much. Adding new games to their casinos is certainly a good way to create an additional source of revenue. With skill-based games, there are plenty of ways for the casinos to make money. They can charge the gambler for extra turns or for boosts. The casinos see a major opportunity and it is highly likely that more and more casinos around the globe will add such games to their establishments.


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