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How To Play Any Lottery In The World Online – No Matter Where You Live

If you’ve always thought that you could only play the lottery that belonged to your country of residence, you were right… But, that’s all changed.

Thanks to Giantlottos.com everyone now has the opportunity to hit the big time by placing a lottery bet on any one of the world’s largest lotteries. Just recently there was £372 million up for grabs in the world largest lottery, the U.S. Powerball Super Jackpot, Now that kind of prize could be won by you, it could be won by anyone living anywhere, anyone living outside the United States.

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A Level Playing Field

Until recently players living outside the United States could only buy Powerball tickets if they bought a plane ticket and flew to the States. Or, were lucky enough to have a friend or relative in the states to buy lottery tickets for them.

However, Giant Lottos, which is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, felt that lottery players from around the world should have access to not only the U.S. Powerball lottery but also to all the other major lotteries of the world.

Since launching the US Powerball there have already been two big US Powerball winners. In 2016 The Mirror reported that a man from the UK scooped a moderate $1,000,000 and only last month, Nicholas B. from Scotland won $60,000. There will be many more multi-million dollar winners this year. Could the next one be you?

A List Of International lotteries Now Available

Of cause the U.S Powerball is not the only major lottery available through Giantlottos.com. Here is a complete list of lotteries you can now enter:
• U.S Powerball
• Euro-millions
• Mega Millions
• SuperEnalotto
• EuroJackpot
• U.K. National Lottery
• Lotto 6aus49
• MegaSena
• Irish National Lottery
• Lotto649
• Lotteria Nacional EXTRA

All of the above lottery prizes were in the tens of millions at the time of writing.

Winning such a large amount of cash would mean you could practically do anything! Imagine going to the ATM, punching in your pin code and, instead of that feeling in your stomach because you know you’re broke, you get a feeling of freedom because you see all those millions on the screen.

OK, So You Won! Now What?!

What could you actually buy with say $536 million, which was one fortune won through the Mega Millions lottery? And note, this is only the 9th largest lottery prize ever won!
Here’s an idea:

• The top-of-the-range Gulfstream G650 private jet would only set you back $70,000,000.
• A 7-bedroom Cape Town (South Africa) villa with 2 swimming pools for $15,000,000.
• Or how about entering an auction for a painting by Picasso valued at $48,000,000.

That’s only $133,000,000 in total! You would still have over $403,000,000 left in the bank.
Phew! This spending money thing is very hard work!

Here’s How To Get Started

Giantlottos.com makes signing up a breeze and if you’re a new player they have an easy win for you… Register today, follow the steps and double your luck by getting your first play completely FREE!

The world is now a truly global place, go out and enjoy the choices. Best of luck! When you win make sure you remember, you heard it here first.


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