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High Rollers Perks in Bitcoin Casinos

bitcoin gambling
bitcoin gambling

There is a new player in town and they are out to get your custom at any cost. The Bitcoin Casinos industry has grown at a staggering rate and the old boys are now coming under attack by the latest technology. The Blockchain has revolutionized the gambling industry, and many other types of mainstream payments due to its users having complete anonymity, zero transaction fees along with instant deposits and withdrawals. It is impossible for the traditional establishment to compete in the near future they will have to offer this service or be left behind. This battle has led to operators doing everything they can to make their high rollers stay faithful to them.

Perks of Being a Bitcoin High Roller

The one thing that all types of casinos love the most is the big spenders. They will do anything to please them and make sure that they are exceptionally looked after so they keep on wanting to come back. If you want to be classed as one by the operators you will have to spend big on a regular occurrence. However, you will get a great many perks that no one else is entitled too.

What Rewards To Bitcoin Casinos Pay To Their VIP Players?

Free Cryptocurrency Offers

With many Bitcoin Casino sites along with BTC Faucets, there are big rewards for the player that plays the most. You will get big daily rewards as your reputation grows and if you become a high roller the amounts of free Bits you will receive will get bigger. The top players of the month often play for a number of games such as most roll, highest win, biggest loss etc. The pot size is often extremely high if you win one of these prizes so you can lose along with a win at the same time.

Reload Bitcoin Casino Bonus

A real bitcoin casino bonus is a cash back if the player deposits more money into their account once it is empty. For the average player, these amounts of Bits are relatively small but for high rollers they can amount to up to 500%. The operators are desperate to keep your custom and this is one of the most enticing ways to do it.

High Roller BTC Promotions

All Bitcasino sites offer their players the chance to earn promotions. There are many different types of BTC promotions such as Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus codes, welcome bonuses, matched rewards and more. When you reach the status of being a high roller these offers increase in size a great deal and give them an added advantage over the average player.

Tournament Invitation Entries Along With All Costs Paid

If a Bitcoin Casino is holding an event, they will invite all of their members along with the public and press. They will want their high rollers there so they are willing to pay all the costs if they come to one of the tournaments they are holding.

Online Bitcoin High Rollers Gambling Rooms

For players who take their gambling serious once they reach high roller status, they will be allowed to enter exclusive VIP gambling rooms. Here the stakes are higher and full of professional gamblers. If you want to become a million in cryptocurrency, getting access to these rooms is vital. You can win fortunes in one hand if you play your cards right.

Exclusive Hands On Staff Attention

BTC gaming staff will do everything they can to provide personalized entertainment. When it is your birthday or you have a special event coming up, they will go out of their way reward and please you. You will get huge Bitcoin Casino Bonus rewards along with trips, gifts along with a whole host of other goodies.


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