Posted November 1, 2012 by GamblingKing in Casino

Growth of Mobile Casinos

Smartphone ownership in the UK has leapt up by 13% in the past year, driving the mobile casino boom, announce Gaming Club. According to the latest Ofcom Communications Market Report, 40% of adults in the UK now own a smartphone, up from 27% at the same time last year.

The trend is a global one, with 45% of American adults now owning a smartphone. Across the EU5 countries, the UK, Spain, Germany, France and Italy, smartphone ownership has increased by 8% in the past year, with 44% of all EU adults now owning one of the devices.

This sizeable increase in smartphone ownership has helped drive the mobile casino market, which has also seen significant growth. H2 Casino Capital reports that the mobile casino market value reached EUR2.2 billion last year, and is expected to rise to EUR5.4 billion by 2015, representing an annual growth rate of 19.3%.

Mobile casinos’ share of the overall interactive casino market also continues to grow. During the final quarter of 2010, mobile casinos represented 9.8% of the total interactive casino market and 0.6% of the total global casino market. H2 now forecasts that the share of mobile casinos will rise to 12.9% in the interactive casino market and to 0.9% in the total global casino market, by 2013.

At the moment, mobile sports betting represents the largest share of mobile gambling activity, with 77% of mobile gambling transactions being sports bets.

Mobile and online casinos such as have come to be seen as more acceptable forms of gambling in recent years, with Facebook launching its first real money casino app in August, and Apple introducing the first real money casino app to its app store just a week later.

As a result, mobile casinos are forecast to increasingly dominate the mobile gaming market, with H2 forecasting that by the end of 2015 sports betting’s share of the market will drop down to 50%, while mobile casinos will increase their share to 40%, with great new casino apps like iPhone casino app and Android Casino App.


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