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The Future of Gaming: In Play and Mobile Betting

gaming future
gaming future

Before the wonderful days on online gaming, placing a bet required a 10 minute walk down to the local bookmakers, place your regular bet, i.e. team a/b to score or a certain outcome on a race, it was relatively straight forwards, pretty simple to do the main problem you had to go out of your way and spend a long time doing it, certainly not the ideal.

Enter the internet, the change to online betting, all of a sudden from having to go to local bookmakers to bet, there is the option to do everything that someone can do offline, but now online. No longer does the punter have to put themselves out to bet. It is there, it is all available and more. At the start the bets were pretty straight forwards, the same as was offered offline in the shops. As technologies and the internet developed the online world made way for in play betting. This is one of the most remarkable changed to online betting. With some bookmakers offering 150+ markets, there is the option on bet on pretty much anything that anyone could want.

There is the option for pretty irregular bets such as betting on what will happen in the various intervals i.e. 5-10 minutes. However some of the more popular in play bets are on goals, corners and free kicks. Whatever aspect of a game it is you like there is something for everyone when it comes to in play. It is unique in the sense that it is fast paced, lively with maximum entertainment value.

The next biggest accomplishment in online gaming, which goes hand in hand with in play betting is mobile betting. The evolution of gaming has gone from bricks and mortar to online to betting from the palm of your hand. You can be down the pub with some mates, or you could be at a game and bet on it while you are there. There are all the features available through a smart phone that are available online so don’t worry about not having the options available.

In short, this is a fantastic time for the industry as it is for the punter. With the regular free bet offers available as well as in some cases more than the regular. You are in for a treat when you choose to either play or bet online, in play or on your mobile. Whatever it is you choose to do make sure you have fun sensibly, and good luck!

Author: Lisa Perkins is content manager at BookiesReview online bookie review site, where she covers all sports, strategies as well as bookmaker reviews. You can contact her on Google +.


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