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Fun Online Slot Games For Free

We hear people ask ‘what is the point of free online slot games?’ all the time. Just to clarify, online slot games for free is when it doesn’t cost you anything to play a game, nor do you make any winnings off of it. Free online slot games work because of exactly that, they don’t cost a cent, so the pressure’s off to strike it rich before your money runs out. But still the most important of feature of online slot games remain, they are FUN. Played for enjoyment, appreciated for their storylines and little surprise bonus features, shared with friends.

These are the very best free slot games to give yourself a good time.

Karate Pig
To paraphrase Animal Farm badly, all online casino games are fun, but some are funner than others. One of the funnest by far is Karate Pig, the video slot by Microgaming. In a Kung Fu Panda-like concept, farm animals are turned into the characters one might find in a classic kung fu story. The characters follow the tales of the Karate Pig and are lovable, including a celebrated Sushi Chef, a fierce Samurai, a Musician, a Karate Champion and a Philosopher. With fun graphics and a surprisingly addictive soundtrack, this is a kooky, comical slot that will have you smiling all day.

Caesar’s Empire

This Real Series slot game pays tribute to the most famous ruler of majestic ancient Rome, Gaius Julius Caesar, in a vivid slot game. The graphics are slightly more simplistic than Karate Pig’s, but the bright colours and Roman symbols make up for that. The game pays educated reference to the Caesar’s life, including his famous 14 year-long affair with Egypt’s mighty ruler, Cleopatra. Both the Caesar symbol and Coliseum animate: the Caesar symbol the gold coin transforms to a lifelike image of Caesar, while the Coliseum symbol the day time transforms into night time. Both animations are accompanied by rousing military music which really gets you into a gladiator mood. All in all, it’s a simple game to understand, but surprisingly engrossing.

Pink Panther Double Video Slot
There are many movie-themed slots out there, and many are very good, but for some reason game designers seem to latch onto serious epics like Gladiator and The Dark Knight. Pink Panther, courtesy of Playtech, is a welcome diversion, with animation reflecting the original and screamingly funny movies starring Peter Sellers. The ratings for this slot have gone off the charts this year, and one reason is that it is simply chock-full of exciting features to keep you guessing and guessing, much like the exasperating Inspector Clouseau. Wild, Scatter, a Free Spins Round and not one but five different Bonus Games, plus two different progressive jackpots, mean that if you play your cards right you could win enough money to buy your own Pink Panther Diamond. Potential riches like these on the real play game mean that this game is especially useful to play free and get plenty of practice on, before you move onto being able to afford diamonds in real life as well.

Thunderstruck II
Last but definitely not least is the almighty Thor in another Microgaming slot, Thunderstruck. Based on a Norse mythology theme, Thunderstruck has fast become one of the most popular slot games on the internet. The most famous characters of Asgard are present, namely heroic Thor, his father the all-powerful Odin, the mischievous Loki and some rather sexy Valkyries. In spite of its relatively simplistic graphics, the game is interesting and complex, with a number of intriguing locations, each with their own bonus rounds, including the Great Hall of Spins and a hall each for Thor, Loki, Odin and the Valkyrie. Plenty of animation and an appropriately epic soundtrack help to further engross the player. Should you choose to play this gem in real play, you can look forward to a gods-worthy total of 243 ways to win as well!


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