Posted January 5, 2011 by admin in Mobile Casino

Fantasy Blackjack for iPad and iPhone

LAS VEGAS – Palms Casino Resort has launched Palms Casino Fantasy Blackjack, a new game for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that borrows the best elements of Fantasy Football and applies them to the most popular casino table game in the world: blackjack. Palms Casino Fantasy Blackjack is now available for a free download online in the Apple App Store.

“We didn’t want to launch another ‘me-too’ blackjack app, but instead looked to create something fresh that had the Palms fingerprint on it,” said Jason Gastwirth, Chief Marketing Officer for Palms. “While most blackjack app games are one-dimensional and played alone, we broke that mold with Fantasy Blackjack and, with our partner Sevryn Mobile, created a socially-interactive and fun experience around a casino game that people already know and love.”

The objective of Fantasy Blackjack is to win the most virtual dollars from other players in your league and be crowned the winner at the end of the season.

Similar to a fantasy football league, a Palms Casino Fantasy Blackjack player establishes oneself as “commissioner” and invites friends to join a league. Invites are sent via e-mail, the user’s iPhone or iPad contacts or through Facebook. The commissioner sets season details, such as season duration (up to 90 days) and basic season rules. Any player can form their own league or join multiple leagues. Any player can choose to become a blackjack dealer by creating and publishing a “deal offer” to the rest of the league. Similar to any blackjack table, the dealer sets all the table rules such as how many decks are in the shoe, the minimum and maximum bet, blackjack payout, double down rules and when the dealer hits. At any time during a season, players in a league can browse the available deal offers published by other players in their league and choose the action they like the most.

Fantasy Blackjack, which pioneers a new “fantasy casino” niche in mobile games, is fast-paced fun that provides some of the unique camaraderie of sitting at a blackjack table among friends in Vegas. Fantasy Blackjack enables to see pictures of other players while at the iphone blackjack table, which adds a personal touch and makes it feel as if players are competing against friends, not just the computer. Ultimately players know that any digital dollars won or lost to friends in Fantasy Blackjack will affect their placement on the season leader boards, which makes a big “double down” much more exciting than ordinary blackjack app games.