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Doping in poker — how real?

doping in poker
doping in poker

Since poker is a sport, then, like in any sport, doping can be present.

Very often at major sports competitions, scandals arise on the basis of the use of banned drugs by participants. Doping is used to significantly increase the working capacity of the mind, body and impart a tone to the muscles. And even despite the fact that the world community still cannot agree whether to recognize poker as a sport, doping in poker already exists.

Why is it so and why is it needed?

It’s very simple — in large MTT tournaments, which last for several tens of hours and even often more than a day, it’s incredibly difficult for players to remain cheerful and, most importantly, concentrated. It is for this reason that participants take a very controversial decision. They sometimes start using special drugs that are designed to increase attention, concentration and stimulate the brain. Like coffee — which, by the way, is also in some way doping. You have to be at your best to play at the best classic poker tables.

Some players do not stop only on stimulant drugs and go even to light drugs that can give a short-term effect but will inflict a huge blow to human health. In general, all these stimulants have side effects. However, as practice shows, it is simply impossible to intimidate these professionals. Especially if the victory in an important tournament and, most importantly, the dizzying prizes are at stake.

Despite the “authoritative” opinions of unknown people sitting on thematic forums, any stimulation and doping can have a positive impact only on those people who, without all this, play well enough. In other words, any magic tablet cannot exist a priori (which will add to you the skills and knowledge in this kind of sport). If you do not know how to play poker, no one and no pills will help you.

Doping in poker Cases

In some cases, doping in poker can even be disastrous. Here are a few examples;

  • Mike Matusow at one of the major tournaments managed to build a fairly strong stack. However, in the end, he managed to occupy the 64th place. Everything turned out to be very simple: the doctor prescribed the wrong drug to Mike. And instead of increased concentration and “activation of the hidden reserves of the body” he, on the contrary, began to tire quickly and lose concentration.
  • In the topic of addiction, last year’s winner of the main event of the WSOP Greg Merson should be mentioned. He struggled with dependence on Adderall and other drugs for several years. And when the “jump off” finally succeeded, this player made a real breakthrough in his personal career. From this we can conclude that to have a clear, not clouded by any artificial stimulant mind — is probably better than relying on performance-enhancing drugs. At least, because drug use can cause a lot of problems, including excess. It is important to remember that the use of various stimulants, sooner or later, can cause dependence. So use them carefully.

Industry Prospects

While poker will not be recognized as a sport, there aren’t any checks before the tournaments. However there are more people calling for controls at tournaments. Probably that is still far away as once, on the official website a the competition, there was an advertisement of one of the means that increases the concentration of players, their attention and concentration.


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