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Celebrities and their Love for Blackjack

celebrity blackjack
celebrity blackjack

Casinos games have come a long way in entertaining people and are enjoyed widely across the world. Apart from all the other casino games, Blackjack is the most popular game, which is enjoyed not only by the general population but also by some of the famous celebrities.

Today, the younger generation of celebrities prefers to indulge into casino card games such as Blackjack instead of spending their time in playing tedious games such as golf.

Celebrities Who Love Blackjack

Here are some of the top celebrities who have profound love for blackjack:

  1. Puff Daddy
    While, P Diddy or Puff Daddy, one of the richest rappers is known for his fulsome playboy lifestyle, his another love is gambling. While, many Hollywood popular stars play Blackjack for pure entertainment, Diddy takes the game much more seriously. He is extremely eager to master the game and once he is on the blackjack table, he practices a few rounds prior to venturing at the MTV Music Awards.
  2. Paris Hilton
    While Paris Hilton is never out of the headlines because of all the negative reasons, the young heiress is always in the limelight for playing blackjack as well. Her love and enthusiasm towards blackjack is regularly reported, and there is no lack of drama when Paris is around in the casino rooms. She has been recently spotted in a popular casino room where she lost £50,000 in a game of blackjack game.
    Also, after performing a DJ at the night club in the Atlantic City, she went of directly to again try her luck in a blackjack game. It is still a surprise how she carries out her finances in gambling but plays quite well.
  3. Prince Harry
    Another popular celebrity is Prince Harry who is keen on playing blackjack. The star has been spotted many times at the Wynn casino in Las Vegas and he is popular for knowing some smart tricks to master blackjack. He implements different tricks which make the celebrity a popular blackjack member. However, Harry is quite different and looks for casinos where the drinks are served for free. The celeb once lost $300 in every session but it is expected that he would understand that not everything comes for free.
  4. 50Cent
    50Cent, the second rapper in the list is not only a rich businessman but a smart blackjack player.
    There are actually no limits to 50Cent’s game.He plays the blackjack game online, and has even survived 9 gunshot wounds. The rapper is excited to bring some of that exceptional luck to the online casino room.
  5. Charles Barkley
    Here comes a sports enthusiast. Charles Barkley, a popular basketball player, has attained both wealth and fame in his career as a sports player.
    The celebrity after his retirement, looked out for blackjack for entertainment and while he once lost £400,000 in one game, he then won it all and even more than £700,000.
  6. Ben Affleck
    Being an outstanding actor, Ben Affleck has always outperformed and outshines amongst all the other actors in his movies. Besides acting, Ben is also an extremely devoted player of blackjack game.
    In the year 2001, Ben went to Las Vegas, the largest casino destination to try out his luck in blackjack. He flew with a couple of his co stars, and planned to defeat them all.

While the game can be enjoyed by every day, celebrities have proved their immense passion and devotion towards blackjack, which motivates the general population to be a part of the game. Whether you are a celebrity or not, blackjack, the game will give a gaming experience you must have never experienced before. You must try your luck in the game and you will know why the rich and famous celebs adore the casino world.


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