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Casino Insider Launches Professional Roulette System to Help Beat the Odds

Online PR News – 07-December-2010 –James Klein believes that roulette can be systematically gamed in order to tip the odds in favor of the player, and he set out to develop such as system. After countless hours of studying, developing and field testing, James has finally released his professional roulette system, and it promises to change the way people play the game. This time, instead of facing the dreaded losing cycle, players actually have a chance to be on the winning side on a consistent basis. James explains that the roulette system is relatively easy to learn and a player can apply it to a live game with relative ease. For those who are concerned about its legality, James insists that everything is above board.

Many insist the roulette games in casinos are totally random; the truth is, the odds are stacked against the player. James Klein seeks to change all that by giving players a method which helps tip the odds in their favor.

Roulette is a game typically played in casinos and it involves players choosing to place bets on a single or a range of numbers; on red or black color; or, on odd or even number. The determinant is a wheel that is spun in one direction, combined with a ball that is spun in the opposite direction around a circular track running on the outside of the wheel. Ultimately, friction does its job and the ball loses velocity and tumbles on to the wheel, dropping into one of 38 colored and numbered slots on the wheel.

“The American version of the roulette wheel guarantees that the house edge is 5.26% which means that on average, the player always loses,” explains James Klein. “If one were to just randomly play the game, over time, the chances of winning are practically zero.” Mathematical calculations of the American roulette system places the expected value of every dollar bet at -0.053; all things being equal, the game of roulette is a mathematical losing concept. “To win in this game, one must employ a system that removes random from the equation, and consistently play that system, and over time tilt the balance in the player’s favor,” notes James Klein.

There have been others who have developed a professional roulette system, and each have their own approach to beating the system, but the problem with most of those systems is the potential for exponential losses, and at any given series, a player could wind up being cleaned out or hitting the table max. Either way, it does the player little good if the play time is curtailed either by complete loss of capital or by regulatory mandate.

“In the end, players need to understand that any casino game is positioned to win for the house, and that random gaming simply feeds right into the money making funnel scheme employed by the casinos,” explains James Klein. “In order to have a chance at success, a player must employ a design that gives them a chance to break free from the mathematical certainty of losing, and we offer a professional roulette system to help players do so.”


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