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Casino Bonuses & Promotions November

It may be time to break out the scarves, hats and gloves but the one place you can have fun and stay warm is Casino.net. The month of November brings colder weather, shorter days and five great chances to win more money with our monthly bonuses.

Whether you’re in desperate need of a short holiday or you want to get a head start on your holiday shopping, this month’s casino bonuses will make the coming days a little brighter.

€5 Freebie

The next time you’re down to your last €5, you don’t have to curse the blackjack or roulette gods; all you have to do is deposit any amount over €1 and Casino.net will give you a fiver. The €5 Freebie bonus may not be as big as our other bonuses but players find it comes in handy just when they need it!

Dream Team

You don’t have to be a member of a fantasy sport’s league to make your dreams come true this month. All you have to do is make a deposit into your player’s account and be prepared to play to win as much as… €100. How do you know what the bonus amount will be?
You don’t! Wager big and when you will big, cash in those chips and buy yourself something nice. Those who take the risk will be rewarded…are you willing to take the risk?

Monthly Match

The best way to make the most of their bonus offers is to strategically plan your deposits otherwise you may miss out a very lucrative offer. When the Monthly Match bonus rolls around this month put at least €100 into your Casino.net players account and they will match it up to €300. The more money you deposit the more they will match it…just imagine what you could do with an extra €300 in playing money!

Big, Bigger, biggest

They say you can never be too thin or too rich and since we can’t regulate your diet, they’re dead set on helping you fatten up your player’s account! The beloved Big, Bigger, Biggest bonus is back and gives players the chance to up the ante on your deposit. What do you have to do? Deposit one of the following amounts–€40, €100 or €200—and they’ll give you between 15 and 25% of your deposit amount up to $50.

Spend a penny, receive a twenty!

Whether you have a casino favorite and you like to float from game to game, you’ll love the Spend a penny, receive a twenty! Bonus. Make a deposit of any amount up to $50 and you’ll get 20% of your deposit amount back in the form of bonus cash. You can use it to hit up our progressive slots or our highly sought after table games and go up against lady luck.

Just think how much more you could win with the fabulous November bonus offers from Casino.net!


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