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Casino Bonuses & Promotions April – 2

Although not much happens in the month of April, most of us are just happy that the snow is gone and we’re getting more hours of daylight. So this month when you long for something more exciting than Earth Day, head on over to your favorite online casino Casino.net and use this month’s april casino bonus offers to help you get away when the next major holiday rolls around.

The April showers may keep you indoors, but these amazing casino bonuses & Promotions will have you off to someplace warm when you hit it big.

Aprils Fools

There are many things in life that are funny—Ricky Gervais, kittens and dancing toddlers—but one thing that is no joking matter is bonus cash. The Aprils Fools bonus offer is a tool to help you trick your opponents at the table. Simple deposit a minimum of €1 into your account and they’ll give you €5 in bonus cash.
Not many things in life are simple, but this bonus offer is one of them.

Monthly Match

The weather outside may not match your mood as the rain pours down, but this April casino.net will match your deposit with our Monthly Match bonus offer. You know the deal: deposit at least €100 into your account and they will match that amount up to €300! Just think of it as a small way of brightening your rainy day.

The Easter Egg

You may be too old to still believe in the Easter Bunny, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have goodies for you. During the Easter Egg bonus period all you have to do is deposit at least €50 into your account and, depending on your Player’s Club level, they will give you up to €25 in bonus cash.
You can’t do much with €25 but it is a nice nest egg to help you build up your bankroll and win big this month.


When was the last time you checked your Players Club level? If it’s been awhile you may want to find out what the Supersonic bonus offer has in store for you. Why? Well that’s simple; when you deposit €40 into your player account at Casino.net they’re giving you a big fat bonus. What’s the catch? Exactly how big and how fat that bonus is, will be determined by your Players Club level. This is your chance to rake in as much as €500 in bonus cash…talk about rainy day funds!!
Spring has just started and if you use these bonuses & promotions offers wisely you’ll soon be planning your summer vacation with a little extra cash in the bank.


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