Posted May 24, 2014 by GamblingKing in Mobile Casino

Bodog’s new fast-fold mobile poker game

Bodog has now launched their fast-fold poker game, Zone Poker, on mobile and tablet but will also keep the casual player protection offered by their unique all-player, anonymous tables.

While fast-fold versions of poker are not new, after internal and poker player research the Bodog Poker team has seen a clear split in the type of player that use a Mac or PC compared to those that prefer a tablet or mobile device. Unsurprisingly, PCs and Macs tend to be the domain of the tournament player and those planning to play for a longer periods whereas the fast-fold version is tangibly more popular with handheld device players.

Bodog’s bespoke Recreational Poker Model is now recognised as the fairest place to play online because the anonymous tables protect players from sharks who buy data on other players’ patterns via their screen name.

The research clearly highlighted that casual players do not want to sit and grind for hours at a time, they want to play and have fun: Bodog’s new mobile and tablet option offers that exact experience.


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