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Bingo 90 Win at Jackpotjoy

One Ms Cecilia L is heading towards the Christmas season with an extra couple of grand in her back pocket, following a big win from the online bingo website Jackpotjoy. She took home £2,226 after playing Bingo 90 earlier this month. Jackpotjoy boasts a wide range of bingo games with exciting rooms such as Diamond, Bejeweled, Tiki, Emerald and Sapphire. Chat rooms within each game allow players to have fun within a whole online community, even offering smaller inter-bingo prizes held by the Chat Hosts when they Play Online Bingo.

Bingo 90 itself is one of the more straightforward incarnations of this classic game. After logging onto the site, players are directed to the games lobby and given a choice of rooms, sorted according to ticket price, jackpot size or the number of participants.

Each game room is split into three columns, with the left hand side column detailing the current jackpots, players and balls called, the middle column displaying a timer counting down towards the next game, and the right column hosting the chat window.

Online Bingo is easier than regular Bingo. Player’s cards are marked automatically as they go, allowing for more cards (and more chances to win). As the cards are daubed, those closest to completion are pushed to the front, allowing for easy monitoring of the game leaders. Each win is automatically credited.

To add to the excitement, the Progressive Jackpot runs continuously across all games. For every ticket bought, a percentage of the cost is put into the Progressive Jackpot, which is awarded for the first ‘full house’ called within a certain number of balls called. It regularly rolls over to the next game, so there is the potential for a large prize.

Winner Cecilia L said: ‘Thank you Jackpotjoy for my Jackpot win on my birthday. My fantastic day started at 7am with a big win. Special thank you to my sister in law who texted me a “Happy birthday” at 4:30 am and also my partner who reminded me to play! We will spend that money on a Christmas holiday in Portugal. Again thank you very much for a happy birthday win!’


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