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Best UK Online Casinos

uk flag casino
uk flag casino

The United Kingdom, made up of Scotland, England, and Wales, has a lot to offer players looking for a casino. People visiting the UK will find plenty of opportunities to enjoy their favorite casino games. And with UK online casinos now legalized, players can enjoy casino gambling without ever leaving home.

Among the top-rated UK online casinos that will accept players from Europe and the United Kingdom for both free online play and for real-money play with appropriate transfers are:

Best Online Casinos For UK Players

  • Casino.com: Casino Games in Euros & Pounds, Casino.com is one of the best casinos for UK players. Accepts Ukash, Neteller, Moneybookers payments. 100+ casino games and €/£200 deposit bonus.
  • Party Casino: Casino Games in Euros & Pounds, Party Casino is the largest online casino for UK players. Accepts Neteller, MoneyBookers, Ukash, eChecks, and PayPal. €/£500100% deposit bonus.

UK Online Casinos

The UK is the first major section of the world to offer licensed and regulated online casinos. The Gambling Commission controls the oversight of all licensed online casinos in the U.K.

Many online casinos are now looking to get licensed in the UK Casinos must apply for an online gambling license through the UK Gambling Commission, and adhere to strict guidelines.

Guidelines for online casinos in the UK include;

  1. Prevention of underage and problem gambling
  2. Availability for players to access all game rules and odds
  3. All equipment such as servers and software must be operated and maintained in the UK

If these minimum requirements aren’t met by the casino, the UK Gambling Commission has the power to amend and/or revoke the casino’s license.

UK Land-based Casinos

UK casinos tend more toward table games such as blackjack, roulette, cards and baccarat, known in the UK as “punto banco,” than the slot machines that are so popular in the United States.

Slots are still available, just not as prevalent. UK casinos tend to be smaller and more intimate. Many UK casinos are adopting “touchbet” roulette, which is a computerized version of the familiar ball and wheel game. Passports are required for identification on first visits.

It’s also important to remember that those of the blessed isle are more formal in their casino gaming than Americans. The minimum dress code in most UK casinos is what the Yanks call “business casual,” meaning sport coats and dress trousers for gentlemen and businesslike skirts, slacks, pantsuits or dresses for women. Avoid denim. If invited to a private gaming session, be sure to ask about the dress code.

Scotland Casinos

There are relatively few casinos in Scotland. However, Veteran gamblers say, that what Scottish casinos lack in numbers they make up in quality. The gambling houses here are some of the newest and best in the UK, with more in development.

Casinos in Scotland can be found in the major cities of Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow. For the lowland Scots of Glasgow, the Alea Casino is the pinnacle of entertainment, with friendly management and personnel, good food and beverage service and live entertainment.

Close behind are the casinos run by Gala chain: Gala Casino Merchant City, Gala Casino Princes and Gala Riverboat Casino. In the capital of Edinburgh, Gala Maybury, Genting Maxims, Mint Casino and Edinburgh Fun Casino are all recommended.

England Casinos

From Birmingham to Brighton, from Southampton to Portsmouth and Plymouth to Nottingham, the English love their gaming. There are casinos in every major city and many in smaller towns as well. Naturally the hub of it all is in London, where so many casinos abound that it’s almost possible to find one in every block.

Among the top recommended casinos are Casino Empire (The Casino at The Empire) on Leicester Square, Connoisseur Casino, Crockfords Club in Mayfair, Gala Casino Golden Horseshoe in Bayswater, Les Ambassadeurs Club in Hamilton Place, andThe Mint Casino London on Cromwell Road.

Wales Casinos

Cardiff boasts three casinos, Gala Electric Casino at the UGC Cinema Complex on Mary Ann Street, Grosvenor Casino Cardiff at The Red Dragon Centre on Atlantic Wharf and Les Croupiers Casino on St Mary Street. All have the typical contingent of table games with a sprinkling of jackpot slots/video machines. The other major Welsh site for casino gambling is Swansea, with Aspers Casino at Salubrious Place, and Grosvenor Casino Swansea.


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