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All about Dice and its Games

dice game casino
dice game casino

Dice games, being one of the simplest and oldest casino games, have always captured the fancy of casino lovers. Being games of neutral chance they have maintained their popularity across centuries.

To pinpoint exact origins of dice games is difficult however historians believe that the game originated across different civilizations simultaneously. Engravings of dice games on Egyptian tombs suggest that early Egyptians and even Greeks used to play these games.

Apart from being source of amusement, history reveals that with time, the games evolved and were used for varied purposes including division of property and predicting the future. Unlike current shapes, objects such as sea shells, fruit stones and bones were used to make die in ancient times.

Dice Games in Casinos

Dice games are played inside casinos as well as outside, however there is one major difference in the dice used in casinos from the ones’ used outside. In the dice used in casinos, the gaps on each side of the cube are loaded with a hard substance to make every side weigh equally.

Some of the games in a casino which use dice are backgammon, dice chess, dudo, yahtzee, farkle and craps or Seven/Eleven. Most of the dice games revolve around shooting of the dice and the outcome decides the winner. Of all the casino games that completely or partially involve dice, craps is the most popular. Craps can either be bank crap or street crap. However, generally, craps involves shooting the dice to get either a seven or an eleven. If a player scores this, he or she is considered the winner. This is also the reason why another name for craps is Seven/Eleven.

Although dice is hinged completely on chance, many players follow the rhythm rolling technique in order to control the outcome of the shoot. Rhythm rolling is holding and rolling the dice in such a manner that when shot, they give the desired numbers. However, it is not easy and involves years of practice and training to master the technique.

Many casino games aficionados also collect various kinds of dice. This habit has evolved and is now considered a full-fledged practise in itself. From the dice of different casinos to collectible auctions, the ways to accumulate dice from different countries, regions and civilizations have really opened up.

Finally, Einstein when he wanted to reject the probabilistic nature of our world famously remarked ”God does not play dice with the Universe”. We do not know about God’s tendencies however if you play dice in a casino your fun and enjoyment are guaranteed.


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