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7 Things Successful Gamblers Never Think About

successful gamblers
successful gamblers

Whether you love playing in a brick and mortar casino or online, one thing is sure about gambling: it can get extremely engaging and fun. Even though many have speculated on the reason why people find the suspense of gambling so entertaining, the exact explanation still remains somewhat of a mystery to this day. All we know is that the popularity of casinos, online or real-life, is on the rise. There are even gambling professionals who practice gambling as a sport.

When it comes to the successful pros of casino games, there are a few things they never forget and some things they never let themselves think about, that might hinder their accomplishments and leave them in the lurch.

Top 7 things that never cross the minds of proficient gamblers

1. Cheating

The number one tip for enjoying any gambling game out there, from card games to roulette, is “don’t cheat!” There are so many reasons successful gamblers never even think of cheating, but the most important ones are that it’s dishonest, which makes you dishonest, it’s risky, and it could end up being the reason you loose everything you worked so hard to achieve.

2. Distracting things

You might be going to a casino to have fun, drink, socialize, but if you’re serious about gambling and doing everything you can to enhance your score on your game of choice, you cannot let your attention wander. Expert gamblers know when it’s time to let loose and have fun and when to stay focused. This is applicable in any form of casino you might be playing at, whether it’s online or not, any distraction having nothing to do with the game you are playing, should be kept to a minimum and, if possible, eliminated from your thoughts altogether.

3. Going over their spending limit

Even though we all like to believe in those rags to riches stories that involve a broke gambler and a bank loan, you’re better off setting a limit and sticking to it. The second you feel an overwhelming desire to bet more, without considering potential risks, is the time to take a step back and assess the situation. Any pro gambler will tell you that losing all your money at once is definitely disheartening, so take the decision to continue betting even after reaching your set limit, only if you’re 100% sure you are aware of all the risks it involves.

4. Bogus tips and tricks

The internet is full of them. And while there are those useful points that can be used to your advantage, some of them are just ludicrous and you know it. Don’t waste your time trying to fix what isn’t broken and follow common sense, logic and discipline when gambling. This is what successful players do, and why not follow in their footsteps?

5. Being a loser

You could view this one as a general life tip. Getting discouraged and losing self-confidence is common, especially when you’re on a losing streak. However, the thing to remember is that everyone feels the same, and there are things you can do to stay confident and positive, even when times are starting to seem unpromising. Professional gamblers and even those seemingly always triumphant amateur bettors will always tell you that it’s extremely important not to put yourself down. It’s knowing how to react to losses that makes the difference between a loser and a winner in the end.

6. Winning every time

You should steer clear of articles and videos promising to teach you how to win every time. There’s no such thing as 100% success rate in gambling games because the very essence of gambling would be lost. Losing is a part of any game and, if you think about it, it’s what makes winning so fun and exciting by contrast. A successful casino game player will think of the strategy to apply in order to get the highest possible payout because they know that, like any other sport, the point is to challenge the odds. Additionally, with betting you also challenge luck itself, which makes the entire experience much more complex and rewarding.

7. Superstitions

As I mentioned before, gambling is never free of risk, this contrast being just what the excitement of winning is based on, and a good gambler knows how to apply logic to his or her advantage. You might be tempted to think every little thing helps, even something as unsupported as crossing your fingers or blowing on your dice before throwing it, but these rituals are just not proven to be true. So, according to the second point on this list, you should really reduce the number of unnecessary actions and focus on the logical ones that have been reasonably proven to increase chances of success.

Good luck testing your luck!

Even though I previously mentioned superstitions, it is not to say you shouldn’t sometimes follow your gut instinct when it comes to betting games. This should, however, be a personal decision that each individual normally takes based on how much they themselves trust their intuition. There are those who are successful after deciding to follow a hunch and those who go with pure logic for the same results.

Regardless of which kind of gambler you might classify yourself as, the ultimate end-all purpose of gambling is to have fun. So take this list with a grain of salt, always


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